How to add 3D animation to opening and ending slides in PowerPoint

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Add a 3D animation to an opening oregon ending slides for your adjacent PowerPoint presentation. It's casual to do, and it's definite to beryllium a crowd-pleaser.


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Microsoft PowerPoint began distributing built-in 3D animations successful 2018. There are a fig of banal animations that you tin freely see and distribute, and I deliberation a cleanable spot is the often boring opening and ending slides. Most of the time, the slides you show erstwhile radical are entering and uncovering a spot oregon leaving your presumption are a spot level and dull. In this article, I'll amusement you however to adhd a spot of amusive to these slides by inserting 3D animations. It's easy, but a batch of users don't cognize these caller animations are available.

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I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-system. This diagnostic is disposable successful caller versions of Microsoft 365, 2019 stand-alones, and Windows 10 telephone apps. These animated objects are besides disposable successful Word, Excel and adjacent Outlook. For your convenience, you tin download the objection .pptx file. This diagnostic isn't supported successful the paper version.

What are they?

Microsoft refers to these animations arsenic models, but I deliberation 3D animation is conscionable arsenic meaningful and little confusing. It's not indispensable to recognize what happens retired of sight. These 3D animations are a spot similar morph lone much amusive and a batch little work. In fact, inserting a 3D animation is akin to inserting a gif. You insert the file, and it conscionable works. Now, let's determination connected and insert a 3D animation into an opening slide. 

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How to insert a 3D animation into a PowerPoint slide

I've watched a batch of presentations, and portion the opening and ending slides aren't adjacent necessary, they bash supply a hint to what's going to hap and erstwhile you're done. Most, sadly, person nary consciousness of humor. Sometimes, that's appropriate, but 3D animations tin supply a speedy spark earlier and aft your presentation.

Figure A shows a alternatively bland, but descriptive, descent that you mightiness show arsenic guests get to your store connected multi-tasking. It's bland, but it does the job. Let's adhd a 3D animation to liven it up, conscionable a bit.

Figure A


  This opening descent introduces your topic, but it's boring.

To begin, you request an introductory slide. I utilized Comic Sans MS 66 for the rubric and 36 for the invited enactment successful the descent shown successful Figure A. The substance container is centered. Now, let's liven things up by inserting a 3D animation:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. In the Illustrations group, click the 3D Models dropdown.
  3. From the dropdown, take Stock 3D Models. Doing truthful opens an interface that lets you take 3D animations by category.
  4. Click Animated Animals and browse down a spot until you find the juggling octopus shown successful Figure B.
  5. Click Insert.
  6. Resize the 3D animation entity until it's arsenic ample arsenic it tin beryllium without extending disconnected the slide.
  7. Move the substance container up a spot truthful the animation doesn't obscure the text.

Figure B


  Choose an animated octopus.

Figure C shows the descent successful Normal view. Although you can't spot the enactment successful the figure, if you're pursuing along, you tin spot that the octopus is juggling! Now that's a amusive practice of multi-tasking.

Figure C


  Add the 3D animation to the descent and resize and presumption arsenic necessary.

Changing position and more

Did you announcement the unusual icon that looks a tiny spot similar the atomic atom awesome successful Figure C? This instrumentality allows you to alteration the animation's position by rotating oregon tilting the view—remember, it's 3D. Figure D shows the effect of dragging down and to the close conscionable a bit. Because it's 3D, you spot a wholly antithetic perspective—one from supra alternatively of facing forward. Even the cubes alteration position with the octopus. If you don't similar the changes, property Ctrl + Z to undo them.

Figure D


  Change the position to spot the antithetic possibilities.

When the animation is selected, cheque retired the contextual 3D Model ribbon shown successful Figure E. These options connection adjacent much ways to modify the animation to suit your needs. When you person a spot of time, research these options further to get the astir from your 3D animations.

Figure E


  Use the contextual ribbon to customize the animation.

You'd expect to enactment overmuch harder to execute these effects. There's thing hard astir adding a 3D animation, but the results tin beryllium awesome!

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