How to enable screen sharing for Google Meet in Chrome on a Mac

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Sharing not moving erstwhile you effort to contiguous from Google Meet successful Chrome connected macOS? There's an casual fix, and Andy Wolber volition amusement you how.

 (left) macOS Security & Privacy Screen Recording mounting  enabled for Chrome, (right) Google Meet league   with Present screen/window/tab options displayed. Line from the settings to the Present button, to bespeak  that the mounting  enables the Present feature.

On macOS, alteration the surface signaling mounting for Google Chrome and past you'll beryllium capable to contiguous your surface from Google Meet.

Image: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

I was successful a Google Meet league with clients. "OK, spell up and contiguous your screen," I said. I waited. Nothing. No surface sharing happened. They saw a punctual (Figure A) to alteration permissions, but weren't definite what to do. So we moved connected to different issues without surface sharing.

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A week oregon truthful later, it happened again. I was successful different Google Meet league with antithetic radical and they, too, struggled to present.

In some cases, the idiosyncratic who wanted to contiguous from Google Meet connected a Mac needed to alteration a azygous macOS information setting. However, the mounting wasn't casual for the idiosyncratic to find and alteration quickly, particularly successful the mediate of a meeting.

Figure A

Screenshot with "Google Chrome would similar  to grounds   this computer's surface  .Grant entree  to this exertion  successful  Security & Privacy preferences, located successful  System Preferences" with "Open System Preferences" oregon  "Deny" buttons.

You mightiness beryllium prevented from presenting by a punctual to set preferences the archetypal clip you effort to stock your screen, a model oregon a tab from Google Meet.

So, if you ever program to contiguous oregon stock your surface portion successful Google Meet successful Chrome connected a Mac, travel the steps below. For these steps to work, marque definite you:

  • Have Chrome installed connected your macOS system,
  • Are signed successful to Meet with your Google relationship successful Chrome, and
  • Know your macOS head password.

The changes beneath guarantee that Google Meet has the macOS information permissions indispensable to let you to contiguous your screen.

(Note: If you hide your macOS head password, you whitethorn reset it a fewer antithetic ways. Try to reset the password from Recovery Mode first. Alternatively, successful immoderate cases you mightiness try other methods, specified arsenic resetting it with your Apple ID.)

How to alteration surface signaling support for Chrome connected macOS

  1. Select the Apple paper (in the precocious near country of the screen).
  2. Choose System preferences (Figure B).
  3. Select Security & Privacy (Figure C).
  4. Figure B

    Screenshot, with arrows pointing to the Apple Menu (upper left) and System Preferences paper   item.

    Select the Apple Menu, past System Preferences.

    Figure C

    Screenshot, with the Security & Privacy icon circled.

    Select Security & Privacy.

  5. You whitethorn request to unlock earlier you alteration settings. Select the fastener (Figure D, successful the little near corner), past a connection and a punctual volition display. Sign in, either with TouchID oregon with your strategy head relationship sanction and password.
  6. Figure D

    Screenshot of the Security & Privacy screen, with an arrow pointing to the Lock icon successful  the little   left.

    Select the fastener to let changes, past authenticate (either with Touch ID oregon with an admin relationship and password).

  7. Make definite the Privacy fastener is selected (from the tab crossed the apical of the options), past scroll down and prime Screen Recording (from the near menu). 
  8. In the container to the right, scroll until Chrome is displayed, past prime the container to let surface sharing (Figure E).
  9. Figure E

    Screenshot, with arrows pointing to Screen Recording (left-side menu) and besides  to Google Chrome successful  the database  of apps to the right.

    Scroll down to Screen Recording, prime it, past cheque the container adjacent to Google Chrome (to the right).

  10. If Chrome is open, you whitethorn beryllium notified that the mounting volition beryllium applied lone aft Chrome quits (Figure F). Choose either Later oregon Quit & Reopen. I urge Quit & Reopen.
  11. Figure F

    Screenshot connection   "Google Chrome volition  not beryllium  capable  to grounds   the contents of your surface  until it is quit. You tin  take  to discontinue  Google Chrome now, oregon  bash  it connected  your ain  later" with a "Later" and "Quit & Reopen" fastener  displayed.

    If Google Chrome is active, you'll request to discontinue and past restart it earlier you present. (When you restart Chrome, you'll request to re-join your Google Meet session, arsenic well, if you were successful the mediate of a gathering erstwhile you made this change.)

  12. Select the fastener (in the little near corner) to unafraid your settings.

After you've made the supra changes, you whitethorn present from Google Meet successful Chrome connected your Mac. While successful a meeting, prime the Present Now icon (displays similar a container with an arrow pointing up successful it) astatine the bottommost of your screen, past take 1 of 3 options: Your Entire Screen, A Window, oregon A Tab.

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How to alteration camera and microphone permissions for Chrome connected macOS

Additionally, Chrome needs entree to camera and microphone permissions to stock video and audio with Google Meet. In astir cases, you'll person already allowed this entree erstwhile you started a Google Meet session. If you ever privation to cheque the settings oregon alteration them, the process is akin to the steps covered above.

To alteration Chrome camera permissions: Apple paper | System Preferences | Security & Privacy | scroll to Camera | unlock if needed (as above) | Check the container adjacent to Chrome (Figure G).

Figure G

Screenshot of Security & Privacy setting, with an arrow pointing to Camera (left menu) and Google Chrome (in a database  of apps to the right).

You whitethorn cheque that Chrome has support to entree the Camera, arsenic well.

To let Chrome microphone permissions: Apple paper | System Preferences | Security & Privacy | scroll to Microphone | unlock if needed (as above) | Check the container adjacent to Chrome (Figure H).

Figure H

Screenshot of Security & Privacy setting, with an arrow pointing to Microphone (left menu) and Google Chrome (in a database  of apps to the right).

Allow Google Chrome to entree the Microphone.

What's your experience?

If you usage a Mac—or usage Google Meet with radical who usage macOS—have you noticed radical brushwood problems erstwhile they effort to present? How bash you assistance radical past the supra one-time changes to surface recording, camera oregon microphone information settings? What different methods person you utilized to stock your Mac's show during a web meeting? If you usage Google Meet connected macOS, fto maine cognize what your acquisition has been, either successful the comments beneath oregon connected Twitter (@awolber).

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