How to power through your iOS 15 reminders with tagging and smart lists

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Tags are a caller powerfulness idiosyncratic diagnostic added to Reminders successful iOS 15 that lets you radical akin tasks utilizing tags crossed aggregate projects. Here's however to usage them effectively.

iOS 15

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iOS 15 is bringing astir galore features and changes to the built-in apps successful an effort to marque them much reliable and useable successful myriad caller ways. One of the apps that we trust connected regular is Reminders, and it's getting a caller diagnostic called Tags that volition everlastingly alteration the mode that you make and usage the reminder strategy connected iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Reminders has continued to germinate implicit the years, from its humble beginnings successful an aboriginal mentation of iOS 5, it has morphed into a susceptible strategy of signaling and sharing lists of reminders implicit with to-do dates and times, precedence and adjacent geolocation tags.

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With iOS 15, Apple is introducing Tagging successful Reminders. This lets you tag reminders to much easy search, filter and grip the app erstwhile you usage it with a batch of reminders.

In this article, we'll instrumentality a look astatine however to tag your reminders and usage the filtering options to instantly find those tagged reminders aboriginal connected erstwhile you request them.

How to make tags connected reminders successful iOS 15

Tagging a reminder is conscionable different tract connected the reminder itself, akin to the mode that you'd adhd a date, time, precedence oregon enactment field. To tag a circumstantial reminder during oregon aft creation, simply travel these steps:

  1. When editing oregon creating a reminder, pat connected the # fastener successful the toolbar supra the keyboard (Figure A)
  2. Type successful a tag, followed by the abstraction bar, the exertion volition automatically adhd the # successful beforehand of the tag name, and aggregate tags tin beryllium added pursuing a comma separator
  3. When you are finished, pat the Done fastener to prevention and sync your changes via iCloud

Figure A


Adding tags to a caller oregon existing reminder is elemental and involves conscionable typing successful a azygous connection tag sanction into the "Add Tags" field.

How to hunt for tags successful iOS 15

When you are acceptable to hunt for a peculiar tag, Apple has conveniently added a tag unreality beneath the My Lists conception successful Reminders. Tapping connected a circumstantial tag volition show the reminders with those tags (or pat connected All Tags to amusement lone reminders that person immoderate tag) (Figure B).

Figure B


Filtering tags is simple: Tap connected a tag that's based connected the ones presently entered into the Reminders apps crossed each reminders.

This is large for filtering down those reminders that screen aggregate lists, but are coherent successful their tasks (for instance, you whitethorn person a penning oregon probe task that spreads crossed aggregate task lists, but you whitethorn execute those tasks together, truthful being capable to spot each tasks related to those tags makes it easier to find akin work).

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How to make a tag astute database successful iOS 15

Reminders successful iOS 15 besides allows for adjacent deeper customization than conscionable filtering based connected a azygous tag name: You tin make a astute database that volition let you to spot reminders that person 1 oregon much tag names arsenic good (Figure C).

Figure C


Creating a astute database starts by creating a regular list, past selecting which tags it should show.

To make a caller astute database that allows you to prime aggregate tag names, travel these steps:

  1. Select Add List from the main Reminders presumption
  2. Give your database a name, and optionally prime a colour and icon to designate this peculiar list
  3. Tap Make Into Smart List
  4. In the Filters presumption that appears, alteration the filter for 1 oregon much of your tag names (you tin prime aggregate tags)
  5. Tap Done, past pat Done again

Once you've added a astute list, it volition look conscionable similar a mean database successful the Reminders exertion (Figure D); however, it volition dynamically update whenever a reminder is created (or edited) to lucifer 1 of the acceptable filters. You tin update the filter database by editing the database sanction and selecting oregon removing the tag names.

Figure D


Smart Lists tin present diagnostic filters connected tags, date, time, location, flags and priority, making dynamically updated lists precise powerful.

This station relates to iOS 15, Apple's announced but not-yet-released mentation of iOS. iOS is expected to beryllium released successful aboriginal Fall 2021. For much accusation connected the merchandise docket and to larn however to download the betas, work our iOS 15 cheat sheet.

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