How to subscribe to and manage public calendars in iOS 15

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Public calendar feeds fto you find and subscribe to events that alteration by topic. Learn however to find a calendar, past subscribe to oregon region it from your instrumentality successful iOS 15.


There is simply a treasure trove of publically disposable calendars successful iOS 15 that you tin subscribe to for events similar nationalist holidays, publication releases, concern events, league schedules and more. These nationalist calendars are typically read-only and fto you get notifications for circumstantial events connected your mobile devices and computers; however, galore don't cognize astir these features oregon however to usage them successful their workflows.

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In this tutorial, we'll look astatine however you tin subscribe to a nationalist calendar feed, region them erstwhile they're nary longer needed, and wherever to find nationalist calendars that whitethorn involvement you.

We volition beryllium showing you however to subscribe and negociate the nationalist calendars done the built-in iOS implementation, but if you person a favourite third-party calendar app, past the bulk of these calendar feeds volition enactment with different apps arsenic well.

How to subscribe to nationalist calendars connected iOS 15

Many nationalist calendar feeds travel successful the "ics" format. This is simply a standardized calendar format, and the Calendar app built into iOS and macOS tin automatically work these feeds and periodically refresh them truthful they person the latest information published connected the calendar feed.

When you find a nationalist calendar you'd similar to subscribe to, past transcript the nexus and past caput implicit to the pursuing location:

  1. Open the Calendar app.
  2. Select "Calendars" astatine the bottommost of the main view, past prime Add Calendar.
  3. In the popup that appears, prime Add Subscription Calendar.
  4. Paste successful the nexus to the nationalist calendar, past pat the Subscribe button, which volition propulsion successful the calendar provender and amusement a preview (Figure A). Optionally, alteration the rubric of the calendar, colour of the calendar, relationship that the calendar is utilized for the subscription, and take if you privation to person alerts from the calendar. Tapping Subscription Details volition besides let you to region alerts and attachments, which is connected by default, and we urge keeping enabled.
  5. Tap Save erstwhile done.

Figure A


Subscribing to a nationalist calendar is casual and lets you guarantee that you don't miss important events. Find a calendar that matches your interests and springiness it a try.

Once you person performed these steps, your nationalist calendar volition automatically beryllium fetched and volition beryllium shown alongside different events successful your calendar. If you added the calendar to an relationship that is synced betwixt aggregate devices, past this caller calendar volition besides amusement up connected different devices and support successful sync betwixt them.

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How to region nationalist calendars successful iOS 15 

If you aboriginal determine that you nary longer privation to person a circumstantial calendar subscription showing alongside your events (and don't privation to spell the way of hiding the calendar), past you tin region the nationalist calendar from your calendar relationship successful iOS.

To region a nationalist calendar provender subscription from the Calendar app:

  1. Open the Calendar app.
  2. Tap connected Calendars astatine the bottommost of the main view.
  3. Select the one (info) fastener beside the calendar provender from which you privation to unsubscribe.
  4. Tap the Unsubscribe button, past corroborate it successful the further dialog that appears (Figure B).

Figure B


Unsubscribing from a nationalist calendar is speedy and casual and volition region it from each devices that the calendar relationship syncs with erstwhile removed similar this.

When you unsubscribe from a nationalist calendar that synchronizes with an account, past the calendar volition beryllium removed connected that relationship and each of the devices with which the calendar relationship syncs. The events from the calendar provender volition nary longer amusement connected your calendar and volition beryllium removed for past and aboriginal dates arsenic well.

Where to find nationalist calendars

Your workplace whitethorn supply nationalist calendars for things similar wage schedules, institution holidays oregon who's retired notifications, but determination are besides websites that compile lists of calendars made publically disposable for you to subscribe to arsenic well.

Here are immoderate websites that compile nationalist calendar feeds:

  • iCalShare: This website is 1 of the originals, launched successful 2002 and allows for casual integration with Apple's iCal exertion for MacOS X. It is present a salient spot to find and subscribe to thousands of antithetic nationalist calendars for myriad antithetic calendaring systems.
  • OfficeHolidays: This website keeps a ample database of vacation calendars for antithetic countries that are pertinent to bureau settings. There are besides respective business-specific calendars available.

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