How to use the Windows Media Creation Tool to create a Windows 10 ISO file

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The escaped Windows Media Creation Tool from Microsoft grants you the powerfulness to make your ain bootable Windows 10 backup, but you person to find and download it first.


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Whether you are preparing for the infamous worst-case script oregon conscionable privation to person a backup connected manus for investigating purposes, creating a Windows 10 ISO record is simply a must. This basal operating rule is peculiarly existent for those of america operating successful the unpredictable satellite of information exertion and concern systems. No substance however cautious you are, nary substance however prepared, you volition request a Windows 10 ISO record someday.

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Microsoft has provided america a instrumentality for creating a Windows 10 ISO file, but arsenic is typical, it is not precisely elemental to use. The Windows Media Creation Tool is freely available, but it is not included with a emblematic Windows 10 installation. You volition besides person to conscionable a fewer non-negotiable conditions earlier you tin adjacent commencement your ISO instauration process.

This how-to tutorial shows you however to usage the Windows Media Creation Tool to make a reusable Windows 10 ISO file.

How to download the Windows Media Creation Tool

The Windows Media Creation Tool is located connected the aforesaid leafage arsenic the Windows Update Assistant. Click the download fastener and prevention the instrumentality to your hard drive.

Before you tally the tool, you should archetypal cheque that you person met each the prerequisites and considered each the parameters indispensable for creating a Windows 10 ISO file:

  • If you program to store your ISO record connected a USB drive, you volition request 1 with astatine slightest 8GB of storage. (Note, immoderate information connected the USB thrust volition beryllium deleted and lost.)
  • The ISO record volition beryllium a 64-bit oregon a 32-bit mentation of Windows 10 depending connected the PC you usage to bash the creating.
  • To usage the Windows 10 ISO file, you indispensable person a valid Product Key, truthful prime a mentation and variation accordingly.
  • You cannot marque a Windows 10 Enterprise ISO from a Windows Home oregon Windows Pro PC. The editions should match.
  • You indispensable person administrative entree to tally the Windows Media Creation Tool.

Assuming you person met the prerequisites and are acceptable to proceed, you tin commencement the tool.

How to make a Windows 10 ISO file

After agreeing to licence presumption you volition scope a surface (Figure A) asking however you privation to proceed.

Figure A


Answer that you are creating an ISO record and click the Next button.

On the adjacent screen, arsenic shown successful Figure B, the instrumentality shows you its recommended settings. Although not mostly bully policy, if you privation to alteration the recommended settings uncheck the container adjacent to the operation "Use the recommended options for this PC." When you are satisfied with the options, click the Next button.

Figure B


The adjacent surface (Figure C) asks what benignant of media volition store your ISO file. I americium creating an ISO record for a peculiar usage later, but if you privation to store your Windows 10 ISO connected a bootable USB thrust past marque that choice. A USB thrust made successful this manner is simply a large mode to get a cleanable instal of Windows 10.

Figure C


When you person made your choice, click the Next button. You volition past beryllium asked wherever to prevention your ISO file. Remember, you volition request astatine slightest 8GB of escaped abstraction nary substance wherever you store the file.

The process volition instrumentality a fewer minutes adjacent connected the fastest computers with the champion net connections, truthful beryllium patient. Click the Finish fastener to adjacent the instrumentality erstwhile it is complete.

As acold arsenic I know, determination is nary mode to straight make a Windows 11 ISO record done the Windows Media Creation Tool. However, I program to instal Windows 10 onto a virtual instrumentality utilizing my recently created ISO record and past upgrade that VM to Windows 11. It should beryllium an absorbing experiment.

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