Hoy becomes Australia's oldest ever medallist

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Andrew Hoy has go Australia's oldest Olympic medallist astatine the property of 62 aft winning a metallic medal arsenic portion of the equestrian eventing team.

Then lone hours later, Hoy won bronze successful the idiosyncratic eventing event. The eight-time Olympian, on with teammates Shane Rose and Kevin McNab, finished 2nd successful the teams lawsuit down Great Britain and conscionable successful beforehand of France.


Hoy's Olympic medal tally present comes to six: 3 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze.

Incredibly, helium made his Olympics debut successful 1984 and is competing astatine a grounds eighth Games.

Andrew Hoy. (Getty)

Australia had started the last time of the eventing programme 17.90 points down Great Britain and 0.90 up of France. McNab produced a faultless circular connected Don Quidam successful 77.76 seconds - 1.24 seconds wrong the clip limit. He was followed by Rose, who picked up a four-point punishment aboard Virgil.

Silver medallists Kevin McNab, Shane Rose and Andrew Hoy of Team Australia airs with their metallic medals during the Eventing Jumping Team medal ceremonial astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

That near Hoy with small borderline for mistake arsenic the team's anchor but helium came done nether unit and connected committee his equine Vassily De Lassos.

The last points tally for the medallists was Great Britain (86.30 points), Australia (100.20) and France (101.50).

Hoy besides became the oldest idiosyncratic Olympic medallist since Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn successful 1912.

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