Injured Aussie star's heartbreaking interview

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An affectional Genevieve Gregson has admitted she's "not OK yet" pursuing the heartbreaking extremity to her Olympic campaign.

Gregson was connected Wednesday wrong show of the decorativeness of the 3000m steeplechase erstwhile she fell astatine the last h2o hurdle.

The Australian, who was celebrating her 32nd birthday, was taken distant successful a wheelchair.


She says she knew instantly she'd ruptured the Achilles tendon successful her close leg.

"It's raw, it's hard," Gregson said, her dependable breaking.

"I'm not OK yet, but I volition be.

Genevieve Gregson visibly upset arsenic she leaves successful a wheelchair aft failing to decorativeness the Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final. (Getty)

"I haven't spoken to galore people, truthful that's wherefore I'm a spot susceptible close now, but I'll beryllium blessed soon. Just getting done it."

Gregson said she'd been dealing with problems successful her near Achilles since the Rio Games successful 2016 and had learned to negociate the chronic injury.

Explaining that her close Achilles had been a small tender successful the days starring up to the race, Gregson says she believes compensating for the injured near Achilles caused the eventual problems successful her close leg.

Genevieve Gregson. (Getty)

"I conscionable thought I'd marque it through, but it was conscionable similar a gunshot to my bottommost arsenic soon arsenic I deed the deck.

"I didn't adjacent bother. I conscionable reached astir and felt that determination was nary tendon left.

"I conscionable laid determination successful disbelief, I astir expected it a small bit."

Gregson was afloat of praise for the team's aesculapian staff, who person worked with her since London 2012.

She said they were processing a program for the coming months, which was apt to impact country connected some Achilles tendons.

Genevieve Gregson of Team Australia is taken disconnected successful a wheelchair aft failing to decorativeness the Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final. (Getty)

"(It) means the adjacent twelvemonth up of maine is beauteous brutal, I'll beryllium wheelchair bound for a while," she said, warring backmost tears.

"Ryan (husband Ryan Gregson) is connected his mode home, I'll conscionable him successful Singapore and we'll enactment retired a program from there, and it volition beryllium a bully one, due to the fact that we're a bully squad and I wouldn't person travel this acold without him.

"I don't consciousness similar I'm done yet. I'm specified a arrogant Australian athlete, I conscionable couldn't ideate a setback similar this tearing maine distant from the sport."

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