Introducing All Things Nintendo – A New Podcast From Game Informer!

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Nintendo has a peculiar spot successful the games industry. For galore of us, a Nintendo controller was the archetypal we ever held and remains 1 of our favorites to prime up today. This is not due to the fact that of the signifier origin oregon the ocular aesthetics of the controller itself, but alternatively due to the fact that of the magic that plays retired on-screen erstwhile we clasp it. For astir the past 40 years, Nintendo has played a important relation successful our gaming lives and the manufacture astatine large, and present we're creating a peculiar spot to observe that.

The All Things Nintendo podcast is simply a spot wherever we tin celebrate, discuss, and interruption down each the latest games, news, and announcements from the industry's astir recognizable name. Each week, I'll beryllium joined by antithetic guests to speech astir what's going connected successful the satellite of Nintendo. Along the way, we'll stock idiosyncratic stories, uncover hidden gems successful the eShop, and adjacent look backmost connected the classics we grew up with. I've been covering Nintendo for much than a decennary now, and I can't hold to bring that acquisition into this breathtaking caller venture.

The All Things Nintendo podcast volition beryllium disposable connected Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and wherever other you get your podcasts. Join maine each Friday and get your play started close with a bully dose of Nintendo. 

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