iOS 15 tip: How to take your notes to the next level with Quick Notes, Tags and Activity View

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Notes has go a utile app successful iOS, and iOS and iPadOS 15 is bringing astir caller features that volition everlastingly alteration the mode you make notes.



iOS 15 brings astir a caller mode to usage notes connected iPhones with organizational features similar tags and a caller collaborator presumption that features mentions and an enactment presumption to support way of collaborative changes. On iPadOS 15, usage Apple Pencil to instrumentality notes anyplace with a caller Quick Note diagnostic that volition show a modal model successful immoderate iPadOS app to rapidly adhd to an existing enactment oregon make a caller 1 utilizing a elemental motion with your Apple Pencil oregon finger.

Notes is gaining galore caller features that marque it utile for much than conscionable speedy ideas and things to remember: You tin collaborate successful caller ways and bash things not imaginable successful adjacent 3rd enactment apps with the Apple Pencil.

Continue speechmaking to larn astir the ways you tin instrumentality your Notes usage to the adjacent level with iOS and iPadOS 15.

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How to usage Quick Note to annotate notes anyplace successful iPadOS

Quick Note is simply a caller diagnostic connected iPadOS lone that allows you to make a enactment from wrong immoderate app crossed iPadOS, oregon adjacent connected the Home Screen connected iPadOS. You tin bash this utilizing a speedy motion that utilizes either your digit oregon the Apple Pencil.

To usage this feature, travel these steps:

  1. On iPadOS with your digit oregon Apple Pencil, swipe up from the bottommost close of the iPad.
  2. A caller model volition look wherever you tin gully with the Apple Pencil oregon benignant with the keyboard.
  3. Tap Done erstwhile you are finished annotating your enactment (Figure A).

Figure A


The Quick Note diagnostic gives you entree to a caller enactment anyplace successful iPadOS, adjacent successful third-party apps. Create the enactment with an Apple Pencil oregon your iPad's keyboard.

Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

Once you disregard the Notes model by tapping Done, you tin bring it backmost up with the aforesaid enactment by swiping backmost up from the bottommost close of the iPad. This allows you to support moving connected the aforesaid enactment easily. Tap the Compose fastener to make a caller enactment alternatively erstwhile the model appears if you request a caller note.

Figure B


The notes created with Quick Note are disposable from a caller folder successful Notes called Quick Notes.

Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

Notes created similar this are placed into a caller "Quick Notes" folder (Figure B) that's disposable successful the Folders conception of the Notes app connected each devices. These notes tin beryllium expanded connected from determination and moved into the regular Notes folders oregon trashed.

How to usage tags successful Notes

Another caller diagnostic successful iOS 15 disposable to each Notes users crossed each devices is the quality to usage hashtags to signifier notes. This diagnostic is akin to the tagging diagnostic recovered successful Reminders.

Figure C


Tags tin beryllium placed anyplace wrong of notes and tin past beryllium filtered oregon searched successful the Folders conception of the Notes app.

Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

To usage hashtags, simply benignant a "#" symbol, past the connection you'd similar to crook into a tag. When you property abstraction afterward, it volition crook it into a searchable and filterable tag. You tin filter notes from the main Folders presumption astatine the bottommost wherever a caller "Tags" country tin beryllium found. Tap connected a tag successful this presumption to amusement lone notes that person that tag wrong of it (Figure C).

How to usage mentions successful shared Notes

If you person shared a note, past you tin present notation idiosyncratic straight successful the enactment itself (think for commenting connected a peculiar conception that needs input from someone). To bash this, you simply request to benignant the "@" awesome into the note, past the archetypal oregon past sanction of the person. Pressing Space volition autocomplete it to the person's sanction successful the enactment and they volition beryllium alerted to the notation successful the note.

How to usage Activity View to spot updates to shared notes

Notes person been undergoing changes passim the erstwhile fewer releases to grow connected the collaboration features successful the app. iOS 15 is bringing different alteration to Note collaboration: The quality to presumption the enactment for a peculiar enactment and changes that everyone who's invited to the enactment person made.

Figure D


The enactment presumption successful Notes present makes collaborating connected a enactment overmuch easier due to the fact that you tin spot the changes that each invited idiosyncratic has made to the note.

Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

To presumption the Note activity, pat connected the sharing fastener successful the instrumentality bar, past pat connected "Show All Activity." A caller sidebar volition look that volition show each of the astir caller enactment and changes that each idiosyncratic has made to the enactment (Figure D). Tap connected the enactment listed determination to item the changes that the idiosyncratic made to the note.

Editor's note: This station relates to iOS 15, Apple's announced but not-yet-released mentation of iOS. iOS is expected to beryllium released successful aboriginal autumn 2021. For much accusation connected the merchandise docket and to larn however to download the betas, work our iOS 15 cheat sheet.

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