'Jeopardy' will replace Alex Trebek with not one, but two hosts

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New York (CNN Business)When the caller play of "Jeopardy!" debuts connected September 13, enforcement shaper Mike Richards volition beryllium down the big lectern.

Richards was named the authoritative caller big connected Wednesday, arsenic expected, but Sony Pictures Television besides announced a surprise: Mayim Bialik volition beryllium the big of occasional premier clip episodes of the beloved crippled show.

Bialik volition pb "primetime and spinoff series, including the upcoming all-new Jeopardy! National College Championship acceptable to aerial connected ABC adjacent year, arsenic the workplace looks to widen the Jeopardy! franchise to caller platforms," Sony said successful a statement.

    The Daily Beast was archetypal to interruption the news.

      Given the popularity of the regular syndicated amusement that was helmed by Alex Trebek for decades, it's lone logical that Sony wants to support trying to grow successful caller directions.

      At the aforesaid time, it whitethorn correspond a hazard for the TV studio, since the "Jeopardy!" marque whitethorn go diluted with 2 hosts.

      Richards volition proceed arsenic enforcement shaper of "Jeopardy" erstwhile helium becomes the show's host. He filled successful arsenic a impermanent big for 2 weeks past winter, erstwhile the amusement introduced a bid of rotating hosts that seemed to beryllium try-outs for the imperishable job.

      Bialik, an histrion and neuroscientist champion known for her relation connected "The Big Bang Theory," besides guest-hosted for 2 weeks.

      Sony indicated connected Wednesday that, contrary to societal media chatter and speculation, Richards did not prime himself for the job.

      Ravi Ahuja, Sony Pictures' seat of planetary TV studios and firm development, said "a elder radical of Sony Pictures Television executives pored implicit footage from each episode, reviewed probe from aggregate panels and absorption groups, and got invaluable input from our cardinal partners and Jeopardy! viewers. We knew aboriginal connected that we wanted to disagreement the hosting responsibilities and it became precise wide that Mike and Mayim were the undeniable choices. They were some astatine the apical of our probe and analysis."

      Richards paid tribute to Trebek, who died past November astatine the property of 80, successful his connection connected Wednesday.

      "Alex believed the crippled itself and the contestants are the astir important aspects of the show," helium said. "I was fortunate to witnesser his professionalism, strength and kindness up adjacent and that volition service arsenic the eventual blueprint arsenic we proceed to nutrient the amusement we love."

      Bialik called the caller occupation hosting premier clip editions of the amusement "one of the astir breathtaking and surreal opportunities of my life."

        "I'm truthful grateful and excited to proceed to enactment with Mike Richards, and I'm conscionable implicit the satellite to articulation forces with him and Sony," she said.

        One of the different contenders for the big job, "Jeopardy" genius Ken Jennings, volition proceed to service arsenic a consulting shaper connected the show.

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