Jill Biden Must Restore The White House Rose Garden That Melania Trump Destroyed 1 Year Ago

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One twelvemonth ago, Melania Trump destroyed the Rose Garden truthful that Trump could clasp an amerciable Republican normal astatine the White House.

Historian Michael Beschloss tweeted:

Evisceration of White House Rose Garden was completed a twelvemonth agone this month, and present was the grim result—decades of American past made to disappear: @dougmillsnyt https://t.co/78OqjkoOPt


Melania Trump wrecked portion of the world’s top surviving depository to ideology truthful that her hubby could illegally clasp the 2020 Republican normal astatine the White House:

Removal of historical trees successful White House Rose Garden made imaginable this camera changeable during Republican normal a twelvemonth agone this month: https://t.co/CkgBdvY5fy


The History Can’t Be Replaced, But The Rose Garden Must Be Restored

Everyone knows that Donald and Melania Trump are unspeakable people, but thing bully tin retired of Melania Trump’s callous demolition of American history.

If First Lady Biden is interested, replacing the tress that Melania Trump destroyed would beryllium an uplifting task for the nation. Melania Trump, similar her husband, doesn’t attraction astir America oregon its history.

What amended mode to symbolize the rebirth of the federation aft Trump tried to virtually termination it archetypal with COVID and past with a coup effort connected January 6 than to reconstruct the Rose Garden with the beingness that the Trumps destroyed?

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