Kerr's streaker smackdown takes another bizarre twist

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The bizarre fallout from Sam Kerr brilliantly flattening a transportation invader during a crippled past week has taken different unusual turn.

It was during Chelsea's 0-0 Champions League gully with Juventus that play was halted erstwhile a pest ran onto the playing field, seemingly attempting to instrumentality selfies with the athletes.

Kerr - the Australian nationalist skipper - dropped a classical hip-and-shoulder into the man, sending him to the crushed successful hilarious scenes. Kerr, though, was yellowish carded by the referee for the incident.

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But the fallout didn't extremity there.

It was subsequently revealed the man could not beryllium charged by the constabulary for his actions, contempt the Football Offences Act giving constabulary the powerfulness to apprehension a subordinate of the nationalist for illegally entering the tract of play during a nonrecreational game.

Sam Kerr drops the streaker. (Twitter)

A loophole was exposed, fundamentally revealing women's shot does not presently autumn nether the banner of "designated shot match", and are alternatively dealt with nether nationalist upset law.

Now, the bizarre incidental has made it each the mode to British parliament.

Reports accidental 8 British MPs person signed a missive addressed to the sports minister, demanding women's shot beryllium brought nether the Football Offences Act, which would let aboriginal transportation invaders to beryllium arrested and charged.

"Given the maturation of the nonrecreational women's game, this is enormously worrying," the missive says.

"We powerfully impulse you to see an contiguous alteration to the authorities to guarantee that nonrecreational women's shot is listed arsenic a designated match, frankincense bringing parity of extortion to pistillate footballers afforded to their antheral counterparts."

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