Listen: Comedian Bill Burr Absolutely Torches Ron DeSantis Over COVID Politics

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Ron DeSantis would truly similar to beryllium the adjacent president of the United States. And the Florida politician has decided that the champion mode to endear himself to GOP voters is to propulsion civilization warfare issues.

At this moment, a 4th of caller COVID cases are occurring successful Florida. But DeSantis has done perfectly thing to halt the spread. During a caller podcast, comedian Bill Burr tore the GOP politician apart.

Burr began, “DeSantis, whoever this feline is — and they person the astir grumpiest looking photograph ever — this feline is starting to physique stature successful 2024 and helium says helium disagrees connected disguise mandates.”

The comedian continued, “The magnitude of radical who not lone don’t adjacent ain a microscope oregon adjacent person a brace of scrubs — you know, unless they went to immoderate Halloween enactment — who are virtually questioning doctors. It’s conscionable — astatine this constituent it’s conscionable hilarious.”

Burr closed his remarks, “These f*cking portion of crap politicians! He knows that that’s what his fanbase wants him to bash truthful that’s what the f*ck he’s gonna do. Unbelievable.”

While DeSantis is taking plentifulness of vigor from those connected the left, helium is being celebrated by those connected the right. Despite vaccines being escaped and readily available, Florida is breaking records for COVID cases.

Listen to the conception beneath (Warning NSFW)

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