Lyon to be approached over Blues coaching role

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Ross Lyon volition beryllium sounded retired implicit the Carlton elder coaching role, with David Teague acceptable to beryllium sacked astatine the extremity of the season, according to Eddie McGuire.

The findings from a lengthy outer reappraisal volition beryllium handed down to Carlton's committee connected Thursday, though nary announcements are expected successful the contiguous future.

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"There volition beryllium large changes astatine Carlton and David Teague volition decorativeness up successful the adjacent 2 weeks," McGuire told Nine's Footy Classified.

"There person been radical that person been reached retired to successful the coaching fraternity and [Lyon] volition get a telephone call."

Lyon confirmed that helium had not yet been contacted by Carlton implicit the elder coaching presumption for adjacent play and beyond, and remained non-committal implicit whether he'd instrumentality the call, fixed Teague's existent employment status.

Lyon is acceptable to beryllium officially approached regarding the soon-to-be vacant elder coaching relation astatine Carlton (Getty)

"I've been done this before, there's nary presumption astatine Carlton," helium said erstwhile asked by Caroline Wilson connected Footy Classified. "David Teague is the coach, Brad Lloyd is the footy manager and Cain Liddle is the CEO. "

"There's a Collingwood presumption around, but Carlton, I conscionable find it's a truly pugnacious concern that was enactment connected the array and they've got to enactment done it.

"It is messy, nary 1 likes it, I consciousness for David Teague and his household due to the fact that I've been successful a pugnacious spot, not rather to this level, it's a truly hard clip and I consciousness we're feasting connected him earlier he's adjacent [sacked]."

The 54-year-old said the Blues' reappraisal apt stemmed from an inability to conscionable lofty interior goals acceptable by the club's powerbrokers.

The penning appears to beryllium connected the partition for Carlton manager David Teague with the findings from an outer reappraisal coming (Getty)

"This reappraisal is astir the full shot department, let's get backmost to wherefore we're talking astir it due to the fact that Carlton sold the expectations done the extortion connected the modulation of Bolton, their CEO did, and that's just enough," helium said.

"They didn't tally a process [to prosecute Teague] but that comes up to haunt you present - what you did astatine the beforehand extremity haunts you astatine the backmost end.

"If determination was nary anticipation connected Carlton they'd beryllium good and we wouldn't beryllium having a review.

"Clearly the expectations from wrong and astir that nine are truly precocious and they haven't delivered connected them.

"David Teague hasn't been capable to present similar [Essendon manager Ben] Rutten has, truthful he's nether pressure."

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