Man arrested for savage beating of guard years ago

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DECATUR — Police said they person tracked down and arrested a antheral wanted for the savage beating of a Decatur nightclub information defender 3 years ago.

A Decatur constabulary sworn affidavit said the 21-year-old man, who lists an code successful Indianapolis, was taken into custody Dec. 19. He was booked connected preliminary charges of aggravated battery and mob action inflicting injury.

The affidavit said the past 28-year-old defender had been attacked by members of what the constabulary described arsenic the “TMT Gang” and was repeatedly punched and kicked aft being knocked to the level of a nine successful the 800 artifact of North Water Street.

“(The guard) reported seeking aesculapian attraction astatine Decatur Memorial Hospital,” said Detective Christopher Kretsinger, who signed the affidavit.

“...He was told his chemoreceptor had been broken, helium received 4 stitches to adjacent a laceration crossed his nose, helium suffered swelling/bruising to the near broadside of his look and backmost of his head, and a concussion.”

Police said they began hunting the man, and respective different suspects, aft learning that a 17 2nd video capturing immoderate of the artillery had been uploaded to “social media.”

Kretsigner added: “Various Facebook illustration names were provided to Decatur constabulary arsenic having imaginable engagement successful the onslaught based connected comments and different information. Those profiles were researched, and the video reviewed, upon which immoderate of the attackers were identified.”

The defender had been attacked connected New Year's Eve while, helium said, helium had been moving information for a party. He is quoted arsenic telling constabulary that panicked patrons had abruptly burst retired of the beforehand doorway wherever helium was stationed astatine 11:45 p.m. connected rumors that a gunman had conscionable walked into the nine from a rear door.

“(The guard) said helium decided to unopen down the nine and approached the DJ to halt the music,” Kretsinger said. “(The guard) reported helium turned connected the lights and began to instruct the DJ to cease astatine which clip helium was punched by persons chartless to him, but believed to beryllium portion of the ‘TMT’ Gang.’”

The defender told constabulary the onslaught connected him “triggered a monolithic brawl” during which helium sustained his injuries.

A cheque of Macon County Jail records Tuesday amusement the arrested antheral was released Dec. 20 aft posting $200 enslaved connected bail acceptable astatine $2,000; prosecutors had asked for bail to beryllium acceptable astatine $5,000. His bail conditions pass him to enactment distant from the defender and the code wherever the enactment was held.

All preliminary charges are taxable to reappraisal by the state's attorney’s office.

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