Mask Hating Republicans Get A Lesson As Vaccinated Lindsey Graham Tests Positive For COVID

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Republicans got a reminder of however foolish their absorption to masking is arsenic vaccinated Sen. Lindsey Graham tests affirmative for COVID.

Sen. Graham tweeted:

I consciousness similar I person a sinus corruption and astatine contiguous clip I person mild symptoms.

I volition beryllium quarantining for 10 days.

I americium precise gladsome I was vaccinated due to the fact that without vaccination I americium definite I would not consciousness arsenic good arsenic I bash now.

My symptoms would beryllium acold worse.

— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) August 2, 2021

Graham did accidental thing affirmative astir the vaccine, truthful that’s good, but helium besides was moving astir without a disguise and caught the Delta variant.

It was conscionable days agone that legislature Republicans held a protestation connected the Capitol steps opposing the reinstatement of disguise mandates connected the House and Senate floor.

The disguise mandates are communal sense, particularly since 100% of Congressional Democrats are vaccinated, but astir fractional of the Republicans are.

Congress is conscionable similar the remainder of the country. People who were got liable and got vaccinated are being forced to instrumentality work for selfish radical who garbage to bash their portion to support those astir them.

Sen. Graham was right. He would beryllium successful overmuch worse signifier close present if helium wasn’t vaccinated, but present helium needs to speech to members of his ain enactment astir putting an extremity to their anti-mask idiocy.

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