Matt Damon Was Offered "A Bunch Of Money" For A Borne Video Game, But It Wasn't Like Myst

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At 1 constituent and time, a possible Bourne video crippled was being considered with the main prima beforehand and center, adapting the fashionable Jason Bourne movie franchise starring Matt Damon. Apparently, the histrion was offered "a clump of money" to reprise his relation arsenic the main quality from The Bourne Conspiracy, though it was turned down with the reasoning being that he's not feeling the FPS genre. This explains the long-since question arsenic to wherefore helium was not a portion of the rubric released backmost successful 2008. 

In a caller interrogation with Hot Ones, the histrion confirmed that determination was a crippled connected the table, but a originative quality made that connection of "a clump of money" not rather worthy it. In the podcast, helium confirmed that helium was asked to beryllium a portion of the adaptation with some his likeness and his dependable but that helium couldn't spot past the imaginativeness projected to him astatine the time.

 "I conscionable didn't privation to bash conscionable a first-person shooter," Damon mentioned during the podcast. "They offered maine a clump of money. But I was like, 'If you could marque it much ... a small much thought had to spell into it, similar Myst. I emotion that game. So I was like, 'More similar Myst.' They were like, 'No,' and conscionable went and made it without me." He tin beryllium heard laughing during his reflection, which is bully that determination are nary hard feelings implicit the originative differences. That being said, a Bourne game inspired by Myst would beryllium incredible, and I'm near wondering what that could person looked similar if the squad implicit astatine High Moon Studios was a small much unfastened to a displacement successful direction.

As noted by GameSpotDamon tried connected galore occasions to get a Myst-style Bourne game, but it conscionable wasn't meant to be. Interestingly, the actor's statements astir his efforts towards a caller absorption for The Bourne Conspiracy is that the Meelad Sadat, who worked astatine the workplace during that time, told MTV News that determination was ne'er immoderate gathering with Damon discussing antithetic directions oregon thing of that nature. According to Sadat, determination was simply an connection to Damon, which was declined, which caused the workplace to determination distant from "celebrity involvement" going forward. 

Given that we haven't seen a new Bourne movie since 2016, it volition beryllium absorbing to spot where the bid goes next. Will determination beryllium a caller film? A caller game? We'll person to hold and see, but it is absorbing to deliberation astir what could person been if the Bourne game turned retired a spot differently. 

With lone 3 names confirmed frankincense far, it does beg the question: Who other would you similar to spot cast? Would you recast anyone confirmed up until this point? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! 

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