Nadal rules himself out of remainder of 2021

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Tennis has been dealt different large stroke with Rafael Nadal announcing that helium volition miss the remainder of the twelvemonth owed to a nagging ft issue.

After being beaten by Novak Djokovic successful this year's Roland-Garros semi-final, Nadal withdrew from some Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, and volition present beryllium missing from the US Open for a 2nd consecutive year.

Nadal's information for the US Open was already successful uncertainty aft helium withdrew from an lawsuit successful Cincinnati past week, and helium confirmed that helium would not beryllium astatine Flushing Meadows successful a connection connected Friday.

"Hello everyone, I wanted to pass you that unluckily I person to extremity the 2021 season," helium wrote connected Twitter.

Nadal's stranglehold connected Roland-Garros was brought to an extremity by Novak Djokovic earlier this twelvemonth (Getty)

"Honestly, I've been suffering a batch much than I should with my ft for a twelvemonth and I request to instrumentality immoderate time.

"After having discussed it with the squad and family, this determination has been made and I deliberation it is the mode guardant to effort to retrieve and retrieve well."

Nadal admitted that helium had not been capable to bid and hole successful an optimal manner portion dealing with his ft issue, revealing that it is thing that helium has carried for 16 years. He aims to effort a antithetic benignant of attraction to dainty the issue.

Despite the wounded setback, the 20-time Grand Slam champion hopes to proceed competing astatine the apical level for "a portion longer" aft helium addresses his ft issue.

Nadal says helium has not been capable to bid and hole arsenic helium would similar owed to his persistent ft contented (AP)

"I americium with the maximum enthusiasm and predisposition to bash immoderate it takes to retrieve the champion imaginable signifier to support competing for the things that truly motivate me," helium wrote.

"I americium convinced that with the betterment of the ft and evidently a precise important regular effort due to the fact that this tin beryllium achieved. I volition enactment arsenic hard arsenic I tin to marque it happen.

"Thank you successful beforehand for each the support, knowing and each your expressions of affection that are precise important and much successful hard times similar these.

"I committedness you what I americium going to bash is enactment hard to effort to proceed enjoying this athletics for a portion longer. A large hug to all."

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