NBA world refusing to buy into Simmons 'lunacy'

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The hoops satellite is falling to beryllium bated into yet different Ben Simmons grooming video which shows the Aussie draining aggregate jumpers and sinking a heavy three.

Around this clip each year, the obligatory Simmons workout clip hits the net showing the Australian nailing his shooting game.

When Simmons posted videos upon entering the league, the clips provided fans with immoderate anticipation helium whitethorn incorporated a changeable into his game.

But the yearly clips person present go a moving gag among fans who often inquire erstwhile the Australian volition unlock his endowment by trying to go much of an all-round player.

Ben Simmons (Getty)

Just nether a fortnight ago, Simmons' campy shared a video of the Aussie successful the gym with Los Angeles Clippers seasoned Rajon Rondo — draining uncontested three-pointers.

It's present been followed up with caller imaginativeness of the 76ers prima mixing it with the pros successful a crippled of pick-up successful which helium drains a heavy three, hits contested jumpers and dishes retired immoderate nifty dimes.

The NBA world, however, is reluctant to bargain into the hype.

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