Neil Patrick Harris launches 'Goop' inspired newsletter, but says he won't be selling personal lubricants

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(CNN)Neil Patrick Harris is present to springiness you tips, hacks and adjacent a fewer magic tricks successful his recently launched newsletter.

Called Wondercade, the escaped newsletter made its debut connected Wednesday.

The play dispatch is written by Harris, who was inspired to make it portion location during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    "We supply well-researched, invaluable contented and you bask learning astir random nonsense. It's win/win," helium told CNN successful an interrogation implicit email.

      "I walk an exorbitant magnitude of my clip seeking retired recommendations by knowledgable experts successful their fields, whether it beryllium aesculapian breakthroughs oregon magic tricks. I consciousness similar it's important to marque informed decisions. I besides person a precise varied acceptable of interests, and person a just magnitude of acquisition myself, particularly successful the realm of entertaining. So Wondercade is the culmination of my cognition - a abstraction to supply penetration and inspiration to others, successful the singular, digestible signifier of a play online newsletter," helium added.

      David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris volition  beryllium  collaborating connected  Wondercade.

      Harris said helium was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's manner marque Goop, which initially launched arsenic a newsletter successful 2008.

      But, Harris added, there's 1 happening helium wants to marque clear.

      "Wondercade profoundly respects Gwyneth Paltrow and aspires to beryllium a Gentleman's Goop, but worries that you'll deliberation the archetypal portion of this condemnation sounds similar we are selling idiosyncratic lubricant," helium joked.

        Earlier this week, Paltrow's institution launched DTF, a pistillate libido booster.

        Harris said Wondercade volition see contributions from his family. Husband, histrion and cook David Burtka volition beryllium providing their favourite recipes and their 10-year-old twins volition stock their interests, too.

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