Netflix edits 'Squid Game' after woman bombarded with prank calls

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(CNN)Netflix has said it volition edit scenes featuring a telephone fig successful the smash deed amusement "Squid Game" aft a pistillate successful South Korea said she was inundated with thousands of calls and texts.

Kim Gil-young runs a dessert store successful Seongju region and has been utilizing the fig for 16 years, she told CNN Thursday.

When the hugely-popular South Korean fictional play "Squid Game" was archetypal released, Kim said she was receiving thousands of calls per day. In the past fewer days, she has been getting hundreds of calls and texts, she said.

    This is earnestly disrupting her life, she said, explaining that she is present taking medicine to calm her nerves aft a doc diagnosed her with acute accent disorder.

      "I cannot absorption due to the fact that chartless numbers are repeatedly calling me," she told CNN.

      Actor Lee Jung-jae stars arsenic  Seong Gi-hun.

      Netflix confirmed to CNN that it had edited scenes including the telephone number.

      "Together with the accumulation company, we are moving to resoluteness this matter, including editing scenes with telephone numbers wherever necessary," said the institution successful a connection to CNN Thursday.

      CNN has contacted Netflix for further remark connected Kim's situation.

      Kim said she primitively took the fig for her idiosyncratic enactment but started utilizing it to tally her concern erstwhile she started her dessert store a twelvemonth and a fractional ago.

      Since "Squid Game" was released, it has been intolerable for her to bash concern with the telephone number, she said. However, she says she can't springiness it up.

      'Squid Game' sets disconnected  a caller   game, trying to fig  retired  wherefore  it took disconnected  connected  Netflix

      "I had past customers who called to kick that they cannot get a clasp of me. One caller asked for the merchandise but erstwhile I offered it, said they were joking and hung up," Kim said.

      "I cannot archer the quality betwixt genuine concern telephone and prank calls."

      The amusement tells the communicative of a crippled successful which contestants who are profoundly successful indebtedness play children's games successful bid to triumph a monolithic currency prize. The downside is that losers volition beryllium killed.

      Despite arriving connected the streaming work with virtually nary fanfare, "Squid Game" has go what Netflix is billing arsenic perchance its "biggest amusement ever."

      Kim said that 1 anonymous caller asked her if her fig was the 1 to play the "Squid Game." She reports besides receiving galore texts with curse words, including 1 connection calling her a "b*tch."

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      One idiosyncratic called and asked her to marque him 1 of the jumpsuit-clad agents successful the show, portion others person asked to enactment successful the game, she said.

      Kim said she spoke to a typical of the show, who said the concern was unforeseen and offered her 1 cardinal South Korean won ($840) successful compensation to wage for a caller phone.

      However, Kim said the connection wasn't capable considering that the telephone fig was utilized for concern and she had already paid for adverts featuring the digits.

        "They said they are atrocious but honestly, I'm not definite if they are genuinely sorry. I wonderment if they would person reacted the aforesaid if I weren't an idiosyncratic but a large company," said Kim.

        "In my presumption the amusement is fig 1 successful the satellite and made a batch of money. But they told maine that they are successful a hard presumption too."

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