No councils in England introduced incentives for green number plates

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Environment 23 August 2021

By Adam Vaughan

Electric cars astatine  Millbrook Proving Ground trial  track, In Bedfordshire, UK

Electric cars astatine Millbrook Proving Ground trial track, In Bedfordshire, UK

Paul Markillie / Alamy

Stripes of greenish began appearing connected electrical cars’ fig plates past year, with the UK authorities hailing them arsenic a measurement towards cleaner aerial successful cities due to the fact that they would “unlock” incentives from section authorities. 

However, freedom of accusation requests by New Scientist uncover that, 9 months connected from the instauration of greenish fig plates, not 1 of England’s 343 section authorities has said it has offered immoderate associated incentives. 

On 8 December 2020, transport curate Rachel Maclean said the UK government’s adoption of greenish stripes would not lone rise consciousness of the increasing fig of cleaner vehicles connected roads, but “could besides unlock a fig of incentives for drivers”.  

A Department for Transport (DfT) property merchandise added that they would assistance “motorists payment from section initiatives specified arsenic cheaper parking and cost-free introduction into zero-emission zones”. 

But the councils that responded to New Scientist’s enquiry said they hadn’t implemented immoderate incentives that utilized greenish fig plates. Several said they already had inducement schemes, specified arsenic escaped oregon discounted parking, successful spot for electrical car drivers earlier the plates were introduced. Some said they were considering them for the future. 

Camden Council successful London adjacent went arsenic acold to accidental it wouldn’t contemplate utilizing them arsenic a ground for identifying an electrical conveyance due to the fact that it had seen a “few incidents” of them being utilized fraudulently.  

“It is precise disappointing that nary councils are presently offering incentives for vehicles displaying greenish fig plates,” says Jack Cousens astatine the AA, a motoring organisation. “Several councils are moving connected providing immoderate benefits, but we request much councils to measurement up to the sheet and present them faster.” However, helium says greenish fig plates are a bully thought and seeing much of them connected roads volition summation nationalist involvement successful electrical vehicles. 

It is understood that the DfT sees the main intent of the plates to beryllium for awareness. But the section cited incentives from section authorities arsenic a cardinal crushed for introducing greenish stripes 3 times successful its December 2020 property release. It adjacent claimed that the incentives arising from the plates could “pave the mode for cleaner aerial successful our towns and cities”. However, section authorities are inactive relying connected either fig sheet designation and the much progressive process of drivers providing conveyance registration documents to place electrical vehicles that mightiness person incentives, alternatively than the greenish stripes. 

Electric car sales surged by astir 186 per cent past year, and the UK has promised to prohibition income of caller petrol and diesel cars by 2030. But the authorities has fixed mixed signals connected its enactment for electrical vehicles, which are seen arsenic indispensable for cutting aerial contamination and gathering clime targets. In March, a assistance towards electric cars was chopped from £3000 to £2500.  

Doug Parr astatine Greenpeace UK says portion determination are bully reasons to displacement to electrical cars, determination are galore others for wherefore we should trim our dependence connected backstage vehicles, truthful the deficiency of incentives for the plates isn’t a disaster.  “However, whilst authorities has made a progressive committedness to extremity the income of caller petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, it’s not adjuvant for this benignant of modulation to beryllium pushed by phantom incentives from authorities with nary follow-through.”

“Green fig plates assistance differentiate vehicles based connected their biology impact, amended roadworthy users and promote cleaner travel,” a DfT spokesperson told New Scientist. “They besides assistance section authorities plan and enforce determination policies and incentives, specified arsenic escaped parking and zero-emission zones.”

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