NRL outcast thrown rugby league lifeline

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NRL outcast John Asiata has been thrown a rugby league lifeline, signing a woody with English second-tier nine Leigh Centurions.

Asiata past week parted ways with the Bulldogs aft refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Wide World of Sports revealed earlier this week that Asiata's stance is due to a absorption to a regular vaccination suffered by 1 of his children.

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"I conscionable privation to accidental however grateful I americium for the opportunity," helium said aft signing with Leigh.

"It's been a agelong and pugnacious mates of months but I'm excited for this adjacent situation and the travel up with my household and to beryllium portion of this arrogant club.

"To the fans and the sponsors, my connection is 'Be excited!' 2022 is going to beryllium a large year!

"I cognize that the boys are going to beryllium giving it their each and are moving hard successful grooming to beryllium the champion they tin be, to marque definite we tin enactment successful the performances week successful and week out.

"I'm excited to beryllium capable to enactment connected the jersey, to correspond you each and tally retired to a loud, cheering crowd."

John Asiata (Getty)

The 28-year-old made his debut for the Cowboys successful 2014, and played successful the club's 2015 expansive last triumph implicit the Broncos.

He moved to Brisbane for 2021, and had signed a woody with the Bulldogs for 2022, but was not sighted astatine grooming owed to the stand-off implicit his vaccination status.

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