NRL reveals Chambers' sledging prompted probe

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NRL Head of Football Graham Annesley says the league was incapable to find whether Sharks centre Will Chambers crossed the enactment with on-field sledging aft Warriors guardant Kane Evans lashed retired astatine the veteran.

Chambers, during Cronulla's nonaccomplishment to New Zealand, got into a fig of verbal exchanges with Warriors players, astatine 1 signifier creating a flashpoint with Evans, who fto his emotions get the amended of him by responding with 2 punches.

Evans was misdeed binned arsenic a effect of his furious reaction.

Annesley confirmed the NRL's lucifer reappraisal committee has since looked into the incident, but was incapable to find if Chambers had said thing that whitethorn person been considered a measurement excessively far.

"My knowing is the lucifer reappraisal committee did show the referee's audio for immoderate comments that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not person been made and comments weren't audible capable to beryllium picked up by the on-field connection equipment," Annesley said.

Kane Evans goes to the bin for different changeable connected Will Chambers

"My knowing is they could not find thing that was said.

"I besides looked and listened to the footage utilizing the referee's audio and I couldn't perceive thing either.

"That's not to accidental that thing was said, it's conscionable thing was picked up connected the audio.

"The lucifer reappraisal committee tin lone woody with the incidents that they judge they person grounds to proceed with. There was thing determination they could find."

Annesley confirmed the NRL is prepared to authorisation players who transverse the enactment erstwhile it comes to on-field sledging.

While the lucifer reappraisal committee reviews each incidents of sledging, clubs are besides encouraged to lodge immoderate complaints successful respect to verbal exchanges.

Kane Evans, Will Chambers (Getty)

"There is simply a relation for the lucifer reappraisal committee and NRL to get progressive successful those sorts of incidents wherever determination is grounds oregon wherever the is simply a ailment that's been lodged," Annesley added.

"It would beryllium ridiculous for maine to beryllium present and suggest that the players should ne'er accidental thing to each other.

"But determination is simply a enactment successful the soil and they shouldn't overstep that, and if they bash past determination are consequences."

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