Nuclear Blaze, A Firefighting Sidescroller By The Creator Of Dead Cells, Launches This Month

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Nuclear Blaze is simply a sidescrolling enactment crippled that’s each astir extinguishing raging infernos arsenic a firefighter. The crippled comes from the caput of Dead Cells mastermind Sébastien Benard, and it’s coming to PC via Steam connected October 18.

You’re a firefighter sent to uncover the origin of a blaze that broke retired astatine a mysterious subject facility. Things aren’t arsenic they seem, prevention for the walls of flames that tin melt your look off. You’ll douse scorched areas utilizing your trusty hose portion uncovering secrets and hidden crippled details that grow the narrative. The gameplay promises to clasp the creaseless maneuverability of Dead Cells arsenic players leap and rotation crossed explosive areas. Take a look astatine the game’s uncover trailer from a fewer weeks agone to spot it successful each its blazing glory. 

Nuclear Blaze looks amusive and if it plays fractional arsenic good arsenic Dead Cells, players could beryllium successful for a treat. What bash you deliberation of the game? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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