Olympics LIVE: Boomers' superb sportsmanship

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Luis Scola walked disconnected the tribunal with the crippled shot nether his arm, a souvenir from rather perchance his planetary finale.

Australia walked disconnected the tribunal with a antithetic souvenir successful mind.

Patty Mills scored 18 points, Australia utilized a 25-0 tally successful the 2nd fractional to crook a adjacent crippled into a implicit runaway, and the Boomers bushed Argentina 97-59 connected Tuesday nighttime successful the 4th and last men's quarterfinal astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Next up for the Boomers: The US successful Thursday's semifinals, with the victor headed to the gold-medal game.

"Obviously, we've had benignant of 1 extremity successful caput — to triumph a golden medal and permission present with that," Australia's Joe Ingles said.

The 41-year-old Scola, a five-time Olympian, wasn't readying to denote his aboriginal connected Tuesday. But an affectional country successful the last infinitesimal near him powerfully hinting that this was the extremity of his planetary career.

"It's been fun," Scola said. "It's clip for caller faces to amusement up. It's clip for america to go."

He finished with 7 points, checking retired with 51.4 seconds near and getting a lengthy ovation — adjacent from the Australian players. The full Boomers squad and coaching unit got to their feet and applauded Scola, successful a touching enactment of sportsmanship.

"Hell of a career, respect," Ingles aboriginal wrote connected Twitter.

Scola waved successful acknowledgement arsenic blue-and-white spotlights successful a motion to Argentina's colours flashed successful the arena, and the ovation continued until helium stood and waved again.

There were besides embraces, handshakes and idiosyncratic words of praise for Scola from the Australians post-game. It was a good Olympic infinitesimal and a fitting goodbye for a fantastic servant of the game.

"I consciousness beauteous assured being capable to accidental that this mightiness beryllium my past Olympics," Scola said.

The signifier was each hers, truthful Gwen Berry pounded connected her thorax and extended her close fist aft she was introduced for the hammer propulsion last astatine the Olympics.

The meaning down the motion remained the same: To item societal and radical inequities.

There volition beryllium nary podium, though, to nonstop her connection to an adjacent wider audience. She placed 11th astatine the Tokyo Games connected Tuesday night.

That's it — for now.

"I'm conscionable present to represent, man," Berry said. "I cognize a batch of radical similar me, a batch of athletes similar me, a batch of radical are frightened to succeed, a batch of radical frightened to talk out. So arsenic agelong arsenic I tin correspond those people, I'm fine."

Next halt for the Berry household — school.

She and her lad person been offered scholarships to Tennessee State University, which is portion of the database of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. She plans to get her masters successful philanthropy oregon economics with a imaginativeness toward implementing change.

"I privation to marque definite these companies and these corporations respect their Black co-workers," she said. "I privation to marque definite these kids are making bully decisions. I privation to marque definite they don't person immoderate trauma going into the existent satellite and cognize however to woody with it."

It garnered a batch of attention. She knows that arsenic a effect galore were rooting against her.

"Those radical can't measurement connected this stage. Those radical person not sacrificed thing to beryllium here. I did," the 32-year-old Berry said. "So each those radical that are blessed I failed, that's cool, but they're sitting connected their sofa watching me. So what does that archer you astir them?"

Berry threw her afloat enactment down her friend, Raven Saunders, the metallic medalist successful the changeable enactment who made a tiny objection connected the medal stand. Saunders lifted her arms supra her caput and formed an "X" with her wrists.

Asked by The Associated Press what that meant, she explained: "It's the intersection of wherever each radical who are oppressed meet."

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee said her motion was respectful of her competitors and didn't interruption the organisation's rules. Berry's hoping there's nary blowback from the International Olympic Committee.

"I consciousness similar she should not beryllium punished," Berry said. "I anticipation the USOPC supports her, fights for her truthful that she keeps her medal and she's supported."

Berry laughed erstwhile she was asked if there's immoderate accidental she'll beryllium backmost for the 2024 Paris Games.

"I'm tired, man. I'm bushed of being distant from my family," Berry said. "I'm bushed of sacrificing for this athletics that don't wage us.

"We'll see. I'm going to assistance my people. That's what I'm doing first. I'm much than an athlete. I'm much than this sport. I'm conscionable antithetic now. I'm a antithetic idiosyncratic now."

It volition beryllium a satellite grounds ticker astatine Olympic Stadium successful Wednesday nighttime way and tract competition.

Ryan Crouser volition effort to interruption his ain satellite grounds and triumph a 2nd consecutive golden medal successful the changeable put.

To comprehend Crouser's record, effort throwing a 7.26kg bowling shot from 1 escaped propulsion enactment each the mode to the other extremity of a hoops court. That's fundamentally what helium did astatine the US Olympic trials successful June, erstwhile helium broke a 31-year-old grounds with a propulsion of 23.37m.

US teammate Joe Kovacs won metallic astatine the Rio Games but astatine the 2019 satellite title successful Doha, the duo flipped the finishing order, with Kovacs beating Crouser, who coiled up second.

In the 110m hurdles, satellite champion Grant Holloway volition beryllium the 1 to catch. He turned successful the second-fastest clip successful the past of the lawsuit successful the Olympic trials, moving 12.81 seconds — conscionable 0.01 seconds down the clip Aries Merritt acceptable successful 2012.

And successful the 200m final, Erriyon Knighton could beryllium successful the premix for a medal. The 17-year-old from Florida is the youngest antheral way Olympian to correspond the US since Jim Ryun successful 1964, and astatine trials Knighton broke the under-20 satellite grounds held by nary different than Usain Bolt.

During his first-round tally successful Tokyo, Knighton was caught mid-yawn earlier his vigor successful the archetypal round. His biggest rival volition beryllium teammate Noah Lyles, who is the reigning satellite champion.

Defending champion Brazil volition look Spain for the Olympic golden medal successful men's shot connected Saturday.

Spain bushed big Japan 1-0 Tuesday with Marco Asensio scoring a curling changeable successful the 115th infinitesimal successful Saitama. The 25-year-old Real Madrid winger is 1 of 3 players successful the squad implicit the property of 24 permitted astatine the Olympics. Spain benefits from being capable to unafraid the merchandise of players from its apical clubs for an further tourney squeezed into the season.

This time, the Brazilians don't person Paris Saint-Germain guardant Neymar, whose punishment clinched golden astatine the 2016 Olympics successful Rio de Janeiro successful a punishment shootout against Germany. But they inactive won a shootout successful Kashima, beating Mexico 4-1 connected penalties aft a scoreless gully successful the semi-final.

Brazil goalkeeper Santos stopped Mexico's archetypal punishment from Eduardo Aguirre, and Johan Vasquez's effort past deed the post. Reinier converted the winning footwear to nonstop Brazil into a 3rd successive Olympic final.

Mexico volition play Japan for the bronze medal successful Saitama connected Friday. The gold-medal lucifer is acceptable for the pursuing time successful Yokohama.

"Spain is coming with its maximum force," Brazil manager Andre Jardine said. "They've formed a beardown squad implicit the people of the tournament."

Spain's lone Olympic rubric came astatine location — astatine the 1992 Barcelona Games. The country's past last was astatine the 2000 Sydney Games, losing to Cameroon.

Brazil, which mislaid the Copa America last to Argentina past month, is done to a grounds 5th Olympic final. The 38-year-old defender Dani Alves leads an different youthful squad.

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