Parramatta star 'all but lost' for 2022 season

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He's abruptly the antheral successful the blistery spot of Parramatta's finals campaign, but talented hooker Joey Lussick is each but mislaid to the Eels for 2022.

Lussick has been thrust into the hooking relation for the remainder of the play pursuing the devastating quality that Reed Mahoney is undergoing enarthrosis country and improbable to play again until adjacent year.

The 25-year-old Lussick did a bully occupation replacing Mahoney for respective games erstwhile helium was unavailable mid-season - and it didn't spell unnoticed successful the Old Dart.

Several English clubs, headed by St Helens, are throwing bully wealth connected a semipermanent woody to Lussick and helium is astir definite to determination to Super League.

The under-rated hooker has a large estimation successful England, having been a cardinal antheral successful Salford's daze emergence to the expansive last successful 2019 for the archetypal time.

Parramatta's Joey Lussick appears to beryllium headed to the UK for 2022. (Getty)

A Manly junior, Lussick had 3 palmy years astatine Salford earlier moving to Parramatta this play arsenic Mahoney's back-up.

Now helium is simply a captious fig successful the Eels' plans successful the important dummy-half role, filling the large shoes of Mahoney, who has been successful outstanding signifier passim the past mates of seasons.

But it is destined to beryllium a cameo performance, with England and Super League calling.

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