'Petulant' star's attitude shocks tennis world

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American tennis subordinate Coco Vandeweghe's "petulant" show astatine an ITF tourney successful the pb up to the US Open has raised eyebrows successful the tennis world.

Vandeweghe, a erstwhile apical 10 player, was competing successful the Koser Jewelers Tennis Challenge successful Landisville, Pennsylvania, and was down 2-0 to Ekaterine Gorgodze successful the last acceptable earlier the the lucifer was suspended owed to chaotic weather.

Vandeweghe won the archetypal acceptable and looked to beryllium successful a comfy presumption earlier things changed dramatically successful the 2nd frame. The 29-year-old was 4-3 down and seemed to vessel the adjacent crippled to springiness her rival a 5-3 lead.

The American hardly tried to instrumentality service and gave up chasing shots arsenic she started to drawback astatine her leg. After Gorgodze claimed the set, Vandeweghe called for a aesculapian timeout and was astir to propulsion retired with wounded earlier the lucifer was suspended owed to heat.

When temperatures eased Vandeweghe made nary effort to marque her mode to the court, with her hostile waiting to lukewarm up truthful play could resume.

Vandeweghe, a Wimbledon quarter-finalist successful 2015 and 2017 and a semi-finalist astatine the Australian and US Opens, sat successful her seat earlier officials had to telephone for her to instrumentality to the court. And erstwhile she did it was wide she didn't privation to beryllium determination fto unsocial lukewarm up.

As Gorgodze tried to play shots to the American, she hardly made an effort to onslaught the ball. Vandeweghe adjacent switched her racquet to her near manus throughout, lobbing it back.

"Coco was conscionable astir to telephone it a time erstwhile they said they've got to unopen it down due to the fact that of vigor reasons," a commentator said.

"This is unbelievable. Coco doesn't privation to lukewarm up. And says if you're going to marque maine to bash it past I'm not going to move, I'm not going to bash anything.

"I've ne'er seen this successful my life. This is wild. She's going to bash conscionable capable present conscionable truthful she doesn't get successful trouble."

Vandeweghe was yet saved successful the extremity pursuing her dismal showing successful the 3rd acceptable which saw her hostile interruption her service to pb 2-0. Torrential rainfall deed the lawsuit minutes aboriginal with players, officials and broadcasters rushing for cover.

The American has had a hard clip connected circuit implicit the past fewer years aft being dogged by carnal issues ever since she suffered a ft wounded astatine Wimbledon successful 2018.

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