Players Are Doing Some Pretty Wild Things In Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite isn’t adjacent retired yet, but that’s not stopping players from stretching its systems to their limits successful the multiplayer method previews arsenic of late. 

The latest batch of method previews happened during the erstwhile 2 weekends and successful those previews, the classical Halo mode, Big Team Battle, was disposable to play. Matches took spot connected a representation called Fragmentation successful Big Team Battle – it’s fundamentally Halo Infinite’s mentation of Valhalla from Halo 3 – and the sheer size of the representation allowed players to trial what is and isn’t imaginable successful Halo Infinite. 

The clip supra showcases possibly the astir awesome Halo Infinite clip we’ve found. In it, streamer Mint Blitz discovers that if you grapple to a vehicle, your Spartan volition fundamentally travel that conveyance wherever it goes…including crossed fundamentally the entirety of the Fragmentation map. 

And speaking of grappling to vehicles, Kinda Funny’s Andy Cortez discovered that you tin hijack a Banshee acold supra the representation by grappling to it. Simply person a grappling hook connected hand, purpose for the conveyance (this is astir apt easier said than done), and occurrence away. Then, beryllium backmost and ticker arsenic your Spartan soars done the aerial to bargain a Banshee. 

Redditor SumptuarySun1016 discovered what mightiness beryllium the astir tactical attack to Halo Infinite we’ve seen frankincense far: lasting atop a Wasp. The Wasp is simply a comparatively caller vehicle, archetypal appearing successful Halo 5, and it’s fundamentally a UNSC-version of the Banshee shaped similar a ample drone. While it’s large connected its ain to use, taking a trusty Spartan teammate up to the skies supra is adjacent greater arsenic it gives them an extra-high vantage constituent to instrumentality retired enemies down below. 

Transitioning backmost to the conflict connected the ground, cheque retired this clip from redditor yourwelcomeidiot. As you tin spot successful the video below, they observe that Spartans tin perfectly yeet a fusion coil (readily disposable astatine some ends of Fragmentation) and connected apical of that, you tin yeet a fusion coil close into a driblet partition instrumentality prime up to instrumentality it down successful 1 swift go. 

Finishing up our very-cool-clips circuit of Fragmentation successful Halo Infinite, redditor Oddballforlife (fitting username) discovered what 1 of our editors felt erstwhile they played multiplayer this past weekend: Halo is back.

As you tin spot successful the clip above, Oddballforlife learns that the Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer is arsenic almighty arsenic it’s ever been, susceptible of perfectly destroying a Warthog with conscionable a mates of hits. It doesn’t wounded that Halo Infinite’s vehicular ragdoll physics perfectly sent that Warthog flying. 

Gamertag Radio’s Danny Peña became a grappling hook maestro connected Halo Infinite’s Behemoth representation and his clip serves arsenic an fantabulous extremity for immoderate and each players: usage your grappling hook to retrieve from an different deadly fall. 

Our last clip successful this Halo Infinite round-up is little something-cool-to-do-in-Halo and much of a something-not-to-do-in-Halo PSA that comes by mode of Gamertag Radio's Peter Toledo: landing connected the Pelicans that driblet into maps volition termination you instantly truthful uhhh don’t bash that. 

If you person immoderate awesome clips from your clip with Halo Infinite, beryllium definite to stock them with Game Informer by linking to them successful the comments beneath oregon tagging america connected societal media. 

For much astir Halo Infinite, cheque retired our impressions from the caller multiplayer method preview and past work astir however 343 Industries is changing Halo Infinite’s radar pursuing subordinate criticism. Check retired this communicative astir however you tin gain in-game rewards by picking up peculiar Halo Infinite editions of Rockstar vigor drinks aft that. 

Halo Infinite hits PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles connected December 8

Have you been playing Halo Infinite successful the method previews? What bash you deliberation of it? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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