Pokémon Trading Card Game Celebrations – Unboxing And The Coolest Cards We Pulled

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The Pokémon bid turned 25 years aged earlier this year, and The Pokémon Company has pulled retired each the stops to observe the milestone anniversary. From an album featuring caller music from world-famous endowment similar Katy Perry, J. Balvin, and Post Malone to caller day merchandise, the Pokémon bid has been ushering successful its 25th day with style. The Pokémon Trading Card Game joined successful the festivities, announcing a peculiar Celebrations postulation that's definite to beryllium highly sought after.

The Celebrations enactment of products gives players a accidental to revisit the assorted eras of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The cards recovered successful these bundles are immoderate of the astir beloved and iconic cards from the TCG's agelong run. However, the booster packs are not sold individually, meaning you request to get them done peculiar bundles. While you tin drawback unsocial Celebrations collections featuring foil promo cards of Pokémon similar Lance's Charizard, Zacian, and Dragapult Prime, those lone see either 2 oregon 4 Celebrations booster packs (along with a fewer booster packs from different caller expansions). The champion ways to stitchery the astir magnitude of booster packs from the Celebrations expansion are done the Elite Trainer Box (10 Celebrations booster packs) oregon the Pikachu VMAX Premium Figure Collection (8 Celebrations booster packs), which besides comes with a Pikachu VMAX figure. 

The Pokémon Company sent america a container of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Celebrations enactment for our emblematic galleries of the coolest cards we pulled from booster packs. However, since booster packs are not sold individually for this commemorative expansion, the institution sent implicit a sampling of the ways radical tin acquisition the bundle-only booster packs. 

You tin spot immoderate unboxing images of the assorted bundles successful the assemblage below.

Each bundle features a premix of Pokémon TCG Celebrations booster packs and booster packs from different caller expansions, specified arsenic Chilling Reign, Darkness Ablaze, Vivid Voltage, and Battle Styles. The cards we're focusing connected successful the assemblage you spot beneath are the ones pulled specifically from the Celebrations booster packs recovered successful these bundles.

The cards successful the Celebrations packs are largely reprints and remakes of fashionable cards from classical Pokémon TCG expansions, but with a peculiar day logo and holographic upgrades. I was excited to spot the iconic archetypal Charizard was included successful the database of reprints, but I, unfortunately, did not propulsion it. Still, Gen 1 cards were the astir prevalent successful my experience. It's besides worthy noting that if you unfastened a clump of packs, you're apt to person a ton of duplicates, fixed the debased paper number successful this expansion.

You tin spot immoderate of my favourite cards I pulled from the Celebrations enlargement below. 

The archetypal Pokémon Trading Card Game – Celebrations collections motorboat tomorrow, October 8, with others releasing passim the remainder of October. For much connected the Pokémon Trading Card Game, including galleries of each the caller expansions, click connected the representation beneath to spell to our dedicated hub.

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