Procession 'befitting a superhero' planned

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MARSHFIELD (CBS) – A procession is planned to grant Danny Sheehan of Marshfield who died aft a conflict with cancer. Police are asking residents to enactment streets, yards and sidewalks of Marshfield this Wednesday astatine 7 p.m. for a last farewell to Danny, who was named an honorary officer.

The eight-year-old became an net sensation past twelvemonth erstwhile helium opened a contiguous to find the Aquaman enactment figure. He screamed for joy.

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It was truthful axenic and heartfelt that it prompted the Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa, to interaction Danny. Momoa said, “Love U, babe boy. Rest In Peace. You volition unrecorded successful my heart. I dedicate Aquaman 2 to you.”

Danny Sheehan (Image recognition Dan Sheehan)

Danny passed distant Sunday successful the arms of his parents. “We volition snuggle again soon,” his parents said successful a statement. “My champion friend. My saccharine peculiar bully boy. Mummy and daddy emotion you so.”

Danny’s tone took clasp astatine the Marshfield Boys and Girls Club wherever a mural was painted connected a partition for each to see. “The courageousness helium gave, not lone america arsenic a staff, oregon a club, is the different kids and his classmates,” said Jim Bunnell of the Boys and Girls Club.

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Danny’s passing was keenly felt astatine the Marshfield Police Department. He was named an honorary serviceman respective years ago. “Just his sanction unsocial brought smiles to people’s faces and what a large young antheral and it’s a immense nonaccomplishment for each of us,” said Police Chief Phil Tavares.

(Photo credit: Natalie Sheehan)

The procession to grant Danny volition beryllium held astatine 7 p.m. Wednesday. “Police, Fire and the household of Officer Sheehan volition beryllium escorting him from St. Christine’s and gathering up with much Police and Fire by the Furnace Brook School parking batch for a procession befitting a superhero!” Marshfield Police said.

“Danny did not similar it QUIET … the sirens volition blast, the lights volition radiance and we anticipation Marshfield turns retired successful the colorful attire Danny favored and makes arsenic overmuch sound arsenic helium did……No uncertainty he’ll beryllium smiling down from above!”

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The procession volition spell from Roche Brothers down Route 139, crook onto Dyke Road and Careswell past onto Webster and backmost onto Route 139 ending astatine MacDonald’s Funeral Home.

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