Prostate Cancer: Why Early Detection Matters

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My begetter died astatine 54 from prostate cancer, and his member had prostate cancer astatine the aforesaid time. I person respective cousins who besides person this problem, truthful I knew that I needed to get screened since prostate crab runs successful my family. I was besides having definite symptoms: incontinence, pain successful my groin, and ED [erectile dysfunction].

I had a PSA test, and it came retired negative. My doc thought the symptoms mightiness beryllium stress, arsenic I had galore jobs, including taking attraction of my mother's farm. But adjacent though the doctors could not find anything, I knew thing was wrong. I was 55, and determination was nary crushed to person ED oregon problems going to the bathroom.

I was sent to different doctor, and helium did 10 biopsies and recovered the cancer. In 2008, I had surgery, a extremist prostatectomy. The surgeon removed my prostate, fatty insubstantial surrounding it that mightiness beryllium cancerous, and respective lymph nodes.

The roadworthy to betterment aft country was precise hard. The incontinence was inactive determination for a spot but past it abated. I was disquieted earlier the country astir intersexual issues, but adjacent though I had a extremist procedure, my surgeon saved my nerves, and yet I didn't person ED problems immoderate more.

After my cancer, I changed my ways. I was conscionable a regular feline successful agrarian Texas. We devour a batch of meat, spell to a batch of parties, portion a batch of beer, and that's what I was doing. I wasn't exercising. After my surgery, I quit smoking, and I chopped backmost connected drinking. I started going to the way to exercise for astatine slightest 35 to 40 minutes a day, adjacent successful atrocious weather. I started eating tons of vegetables and salads. Now I seldom devour meat, but occasionally astatine household barbecues.

Having cancer besides made maine rethink my life. I started moving little and spending much clip with my family. I'm a prose writer and wrote a publication astir my journey, talking astir my fears and experience.

Today, I consciousness great. I inactive spell each 6 months for checkups. Early detection saved my life. I consciousness precise blessed.

Daryl's Life Lessons

  • "Be an advocator for your ain health. If you consciousness thing is incorrect and your doc doesn't find anything, get different opinion."
  • "If you person symptoms, run, bash not walk, to your doctor."
  • "I judge that men should get screened for prostate cancer, particularly if they person a household history."

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