Racial slur directed at star a 'big misunderstanding'

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The Colorado Rockies said a instrumentality suspected of repeatedly yelling a radical slur astatine Florida outfielder Lewis Brinson was really hollering astatine "Dinger," the club's purple, polka-dotted dinosaur mascot.

"After a thorough probe that included calls, emails and video clips from acrophobic fans, media and broadcast partners, the Colorado Rockies person concluded that the instrumentality was so yelling for Rockies mascot Dinger successful hopes of getting his attraction for a photo, and determination was ne'er immoderate radical slur that occurred," the squad said successful a statement.

"The Rockies stay dedicated to providing an inclusive situation for each fans, players and guests astatine Coors Field," the squad added, "and immoderate instrumentality utilizing derogatory connection of immoderate benignant volition beryllium ejected from Coors Field."

The squad said fans who were seated adjacent contacted the nine successful defence of the instrumentality aft it enactment retired a connection saying it was disgusted by epithets hurled astatine Brinson erstwhile helium was up successful the ninth inning of Colorado's 13-8 victory.

The nine past contacted the fan, who explained it was conscionable a large misunderstanding and that helium was lone trying to get the attraction of Dinger, who was 2 sections over.

The Rockies did not place the fan.

The man's shouts were picked up by some teams' broadcasts though the Bally Sports Florida broadcast was clearer than Colorado's due to the fact that Rockies broadcaster Drew Goodman was talking astatine the time.

Nobody connected the field, including Brinson, reacted to the shouts.

Lewis Brinson #9 of the Miami Marlins hits a ninth inning treble against the Colorado Rockies astatine Coors Field connected August 18, 2019 successful Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) (Getty)

After the game, Marlins spokesperson Jason Latimer said the squad was alert of the clip.

"Neither Lewis, nor immoderate different Marlins connected the tract oregon successful the dugout, heard what was shouted," helium said successful a substance connection to The Associated Press. "We brought the substance to the attraction of the Rockies. How the substance is being handled, I would person to defer to them."

The Rockies condemned the suspected behaviour successful a connection released Sunday night.

"The Colorado Rockies are disgusted astatine the radical slur by a instrumentality directed astatine the Marlins' Lewis Brinson during the ninth inning of today's game," the squad said successful Sunday's statement. "Although the taxable was not identified anterior to the extremity of the game, the Rockies are inactive investigating this incident.

"The Rockies person zero tolerance for immoderate signifier of racism oregon discrimination, and immoderate instrumentality utilizing derogatory connection of immoderate benignant volition beryllium ejected and banned from Coors Field."

Fans had started to capable the little platform of the stadium successful the precocious innings, moving person for a postgame performance that was portion of a Faith Day celebration.

Team officials weren't capable to debrief ushers successful the country wherever the instrumentality shouted until aft the performance ended astir an hr later.

Brinson got 2 hits and scored twice, and drew a locomotion successful the ninth inning. The 27-year-old Brinson is successful his 5th play successful the large leagues.

The Rockies don't program to marque immoderate changes to the mascot's name.

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