Raiders sack troubled centre Curtis Scott

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Canberra person sacked centre Curtis Scott little than 2 seasons into his 4 twelvemonth declaration with the club.

The 23-year-old was charged with battle earlier this period implicit an alleged incidental astatine a nightclub earlier this year, charges helium volition support erstwhile the substance goes to court.

Nine's Danny Weidler reports that Scott's teammates were told this greeting that his declaration has been terminated.

"The Canberra Raiders committee of directors contiguous decided to terminate the declaration of Curtis Scott effectual immediately," the nine said successful a statement.

"The committee cautiously considered the statements made astatine the 'show cause' proceeding with Curtis Scott connected August 17 and the worldly supplied afterward.

"The committee decided that Curtis Scott's anterior behaviour and caller battle complaint has brought the nine into disrepute, and they could not disregard this and the responsibilities that his NRL playing declaration entails.

"The committee said the nine would proceed to enactment Curtis Scott's ongoing rehabilitation and it volition beryllium successful interaction with NRL payment successful this regard."

Scott hasn't played since Round 12, with his lawsuit inactive being investigated erstwhile the determination was made to nonstop each players to Brisbane. He was suspended for 3 matches and fined $15,000 by the NRL implicit the nightclub incident.

Curtis Scott has been sacked by Canberra. (Getty)

In an interrogation with News Corp connected Saturday, Scott revealed helium had signed up to Alcoholics Anonymous successful a bid to get his vocation backmost connected track.

"I've been to the lowest of the lows," helium said. "You can't get immoderate lower. It was arsenic acheronian arsenic it gets."

"I've had capable of letting myself and different radical down. I sourced it each (AA) connected my own. I had to look into the reflector and bash this myself.

"The crushed I did portion was to effort to flight the surviving hell. The unit and the extracurricular noise. I turned to intoxicant to springiness myself a interruption and flight my problems."

The nightclub incidental was the 2nd brushwood with the instrumentality for Scott successful 2 years, aft he was arrested connected Australia Day 2020 aft being recovered dormant successful Sydney's Moore Park.

Charges against Scott were thrown retired successful court, with magistrate Jennifer Giles calling the apprehension "unlawful".

"I haven't been the aforesaid since," Scott said. "It was connected the beforehand leafage for a fewer days."

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