Raiders star sent off after sickening high shot

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Raiders guardant Corey Harawira-Naera volition apt beryllium acceptable for clip connected the sidelines aft helium was sent disconnected for a enarthrosis complaint precocious successful the 2nd fractional of Canberra's 26-16 nonaccomplishment to Melbourne.

With the crippled successful the equilibrium precocious successful the 2nd half, Harawira-Naera attempted to enactment a large changeable connected Storm halfback Jahrome Hughes, with Canberra desperately needing the shot backmost portion trailing by six points.

But the timing for the 26-year-old couldn't person been overmuch worse arsenic the Canberra guardant made interaction to the caput of Hughes, who was forced disconnected the tract and didn't instrumentality with 5 minutes remaining successful the game.

Tempers betwixt some teams momentarily flared with some sides getting into a push-and-shove earlier Referee Gerard Sutton sent Harawira-Naera disconnected the field.

"That's a enarthrosis complaint to the head," Mat Thompson said successful commentary for Nine.

Corey Harawira-Naera sent disconnected for enarthrosis complaint connected Jahrome Hughes (Nine)

"The volition of the referee is simply a send-off. You heard the archetypal call, it's precocious and forceful. They're the 2 items connected the checklist."

Rugby league large Phil Gould said the tackle wasn't thing malicious, alternatively a elemental miss-timing.

"He was down low, Hughes. Corey Harawira-Naera conscionable miss-timed his impact," Gould said.

"Let's cheque connected Hughes first, it was a dense knock. That volition beryllium his (Hughes) night, helium volition spell off.

"He's taken a dense sound here.

"Harawira-Naera was taken distant with the enthusiasm of his teammates. Everyone was racing up and getting large hits and helium said I volition get successful for mine.

Jack Wighton's crunching deed connected Dean Ieremia

"He got it wrong. It's not successful Corey's nature, he's conscionable miss-timed that.

"Corey looking for a changeable connected the shot gets a changeable connected the head. He wouldn't person meant to bash that, it's conscionable however it turned out."

Cowboys fable Johnathan Thurston said helium would not beryllium amazed if Harawira-Naera was suspended for the remainder of the regular season.

"He's going to beryllium successful a batch of strife, Corey," Thurston said.

"It's a tackle that has surely gone wrong. I don't cognize if he'll spot retired the extremity of the year…He's going to beryllium successful for a agelong stint connected the sideline…It's gone horribly wrong, I don't cognize however you're going to support that."

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