Rand Paul Tells Kentucky To Ignore The CDC As COVID Hospitalizations Skyrocket

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Sen. Rand Paul urged the radical of Kentucky to disregard CDC guidelines arsenic COVID is hospitalizing children successful his state.


Rand Paul today: “It’s clip for america to resist. They can’t apprehension each of america .. No 1 should travel the CDC.” He past says helium volition present amendments to defund immoderate govt bureau that seeks to enforce CDC guidelines, including schools. https://t.co/PYOQtKDYBN


Paul said successful part, “It is clip for america to resist. They can’t apprehension each of us. They can’t support each of your kids location from school…We don’t person to judge the mandates, lockdowns, and policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats.”

Paul aboriginal claimed that Nancy Pelosi was coming to apprehension people, “Nancy Pelosi, you volition not apprehension oregon halt maine oregon anyone connected my unit from doing our jobs. We person either had COVID, had the vaccine, oregon been offered the vaccine. We volition marque our ain wellness choices. We volition not amusement you a passport. We volition not deterioration a mask.”

He continued, “President Biden, we volition not judge your agencies’ mandates oregon purported moves towards a lockdown. No 1 should travel the CDC’s anti-science disguise mandates.”

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. She has nary authorization to apprehension oregon enforce immoderate mandates connected Rand Paul, who is successful the Senate.

President Biden is not considering immoderate lockdowns.

The medication has said that aboriginal lockdowns volition not beryllium indispensable successful their view.

Rand Paul is simply a COVID misinformation ace spreader. Dr. Anthony Fauci has confronted Paul look to look astir his lies and misinformation.

This is each astir Rand Paul being up for reelection.

Rand Paul’s rhetoric has moved from anserine to deadly.

COVID cases are doubling successful the state, but Rand Paul doesn’t caput sidesplitting Kentuckians if it volition assistance him triumph different word successful the Senate.

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