Reckless Rapana in strife for dangerous move

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Canberra fullback Jordan Rapana could beryllium acceptable for clip connected the sideline aft crashing into the caput of St George Illawarra front-rower Blake Lawrie arsenic helium led with his knees, during the Raiders' 20-12 win connected the Gold Coast.

While Rapana didn't bull a sin-bin for the 16th-minute move, referee Chris Sutton placed the Kiwi planetary connected study and awarded the Dragons a penalty.

When Rapana produced a match-saving antiaircraft determination connected Maika Sivo successful the 19th round, thudding into the Eels winger arsenic helium led with his knees successful the last play of the game, helium didn't person a punishment of immoderate kind.

However, Rapana had lone pounded into Sivo's side, arsenic opposed to his head.

"Well we saw it a fewer weeks agone ... erstwhile helium saved Sivo (from scoring a try). He conscionable didn't marque interaction with the caput ... truthful helium benignant of dodged a bullet," said rugby league large Braith Anasta connected Fox League's coverage.

"He's a small spot unorthodox, Rapana. I emotion watching him play, he's breathtaking to watch.

"But helium does get himself successful awkward positions and (the determination connected Lawrie) was 1 of them.

"He's connected report, helium makes interaction with the caput of Lawrie and helium whitethorn find himself successful immoderate trouble."

Raiders fullback Jordan Rapana crashes into the caput of Dragons front-rower Blake Lawrie with his knees. (Fox League)

Rapana's knees-first play connected Lawrie would person astir surely resulted successful a sin-bin during the NRL's crackdown connected precocious contact, which began to beryllium enforced successful Magic Round but has since waned.

There were 14 sin-bins and 3 send-offs during the 10th round, headlined by the brutal deed from Dragons centre Tyrell Fuimaono connected Storm fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen, which saw Fuiamaono sent off, near Papenhuyzen concussed and sidelined the speedster for much than 2 months.

Fox League commentator Warren Smith questioned wherefore Rapana's deed connected Lawrie didn't effect successful a sin-bin.

"If it's a punishment it's hard to ideate however it isn't a sin-bin for foul play," Smith said moments aft the incident.

"Things person truly been ratcheted back, arsenic acold arsenic the crackdown each those weeks agone is concerned."

An elated Jordan Rapana aft scoring a try. (Getty)

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