Rocks gathered by Chang'e 5 rover show magma once spewed from the moon

3 weeks ago 12
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By Leah Crane

Chang'e 5 landing site

Chang’e 5 landing site

CNSA/Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center

The satellite whitethorn person been volcanically progressive much precocious than we thought. Analysis of lunar worldly brought backmost by China’s Chang’e 5 spacecraft has shown that the magmatic rocks wherever it landed are little than 2 cardinal years old, indicating that the past of the satellite is much analyzable than researchers realised.

The portion wherever Chang’e 5 touched down, called Oceanus Procellarum, was expected to incorporate comparatively caller rocks, but we didn’t cognize conscionable however fresh. Researchers analysed 2 tiny samples the ngo returned and recovered …

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