Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts to miss band's upcoming tour

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(CNN)Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts volition apt to miss the band's upcoming "No Filter" circuit done North America.

The quality comes aft Watts turned 80 successful June and had undergone a aesculapian process for an chartless condition. A spokesperson for the stones issued a connection connected Twitter stating that the drummer needs to remainder and recover.

"Charlie has had a process which was wholly successful, but his doctors this week concluded that helium present needs due remainder and recuperation," the connection read. "With rehearsals starting successful a mates of weeks it's precise disappointing to accidental the least, but it's besides just to accidental nary 1 saw this coming."

    Watts has been with the Stones since 1963.

      "For once, my timing has been a small off," Watts joked. "I americium moving hard to get afloat acceptable but I person contiguous accepted connected the proposal of the experts that this volition instrumentality a while," helium added. "After each the fans' suffering caused by Covid, I truly bash not privation the galore fans who person been holding tickets for this circuit to beryllium disappointed by different postponement oregon cancellation. I person truthful asked my large person Steve Jordan to basal successful for me."

        Drummer Steve Jordan, who has played with Keith Richards implicit the years, and was a subordinate of the location bands for "Saturday Night Live" and "Late Night with David Letterman," volition instrumentality Watts' spot connected the road.

        The "No Filter" circuit kicks disconnected connected Sept. 26 successful St. Louis and is scheduled to deed Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Plans for the 15-city circuit had been derailed by the pandemic successful 2020.

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