Run Linux edge applications on Windows PCs and servers with EFLOW

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WSL isn't the lone authoritative mode to tally Linux codification connected Windows systems. Find retired however to instrumentality vantage of Azure IoT Edge for Linux connected Windows.


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Microsoft has been wide for immoderate clip that the borderline is arsenic important to it arsenic the cloud, with CEO Satya Nadella regularly talking astir "the intelligent unreality and the intelligent edge." Much of its absorption has been connected bringing Azure to that edge, successful each its galore forms. Part of that is enactment for Linux containers and devices arsenic portion of Azure IoT Edge.

There's a batch of Linux-based borderline codification retired there, tooling for processing and managing your data, truthful it makes consciousness to reuse that connected your ain hardware. Microsoft has made it casual to enactment with some Windows and Linux codification connected its hardware, with containers its cardinal deployment model. There's 1 occupation though: Its Windows Subsystem for Linux isn't intended to beryllium utilized for applications that request to tally for months, oregon adjacent years.

It's present launched an alternate that's intended for conscionable that purpose: EFLOW.

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Understanding EFLOW

EFLOW is Azure IoT's Edge for Linux connected Windows. Like WSL it builds connected concepts that Docker introduced with its Linux Containers connected Windows, with its LinuxKit minimal kernel and userland. Here, though, EFLOW uses Microsoft's ain CBL-Mariner Linux distribution, an progressively important instrumentality for Microsoft. The "CBL" successful CBL-Mariner stands for Common Base Linux, and it's Microsoft's modular Linux for its ain applications, utilized arsenic a instrumentality big for Azure Linux containers arsenic good arsenic hosting the tools utilized to present Linux graphics apps successful WSLg. EFLOW builds connected it with Docker's moby-engine to big and tally exertion containers.

As a result, determination are similarities betwixt EFLOW and WSL, but the 2 implementations are designed for precise antithetic usage cases and precise antithetic modes of deployment and operation. It's possibly champion to deliberation of WSL arsenic the spot you physique and trial Linux codification (as good arsenic tally idiosyncratic applications), portion EFLOW is simply a circumstantial deployment people for Azure IoT Edge modules moving successful containers. It's precise overmuch a accumulation platform, with what Microsoft calls a "curated Linux" intended for codification that runs for months oregon adjacent years.


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With the 2 Windows Linux approaches sharing a communal approach, you tin usage WSL arsenic your improvement environment, moving with acquainted Windows improvement tooling by utilizing Visual Studio remoting. Once your codification is acceptable for use, each you request to bash is bundle it successful an Azure IoT Edge instrumentality and deploy it to EFLOW.

Setting up EFLOW

EFLOW is designed to tally connected a subset of Windows environments, supporting Windows 10 and 11 Pro and Enterprise, arsenic good arsenic IoT Enterprise, and presently supported Windows Server builds. You volition request to alteration Hyper-V successful beforehand of immoderate deployment — and if you are moving connected a VM representation connected a level similar Azure Stack HCI, marque definite it supports nested virtualization.

Devices request to beryllium registered with Azure IoT Hub. This handles deployment of containers, arsenic good arsenic installing the EFLOW PowerShell. Each instrumentality needs a unsocial ID, and you tin negociate this done the Azure CLI oregon the Azure Portal.

EFLOW is deployed and managed done PowerShell. You'll request to usage the Azure EFLOW PowerShell module to negociate the EFLOW situation erstwhile you've installed it. Microsoft provides a acceptable of PowerShell commands for installing the MSI, with options for customizing the instal and virtual disk locations. Working with the bid enactment whitethorn not enactment for everyone, truthful you tin usage a preview hold for the Windows Admin Center, which works with some section and distant managed devices.

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With the MSI installed, the PowerShell modules are present acceptable for use, truthful usage the Deploy-Eflow bid to make your environment, configuring representation and disk size. If you've utilized PowerShell to deploy a Hyper-V VM you should find this attack familiar, configuring CPUs, memory, retention and networking. You tin adjacent configure GPU support, which simplifies utilizing EFLOW to big instrumentality learning containers, arsenic they tin instrumentality vantage of its GPGPU enactment to powerfulness inferencing engines. Again, there's an alternate enactment of utilizing WAC to configure and deploy EFLOW, choosing people hardware and defining settings, earlier deploying and configuring.

Running EFLOW

Once installed you tin configure the virtual web utilized by EFLOW. While the default web and virtual power are bully capable for a azygous application, much analyzable instal environments wherever EFLOW and different virtual machines and containers are sharing resources volition necessitate abstracted networks and switches to guarantee exertion isolation. Once you person a network, you tin make a web endpoint for EFLOW with either a static oregon dynamic IP address.

With EFLOW up and running, you tin usage different EFLOW PowerShell scripts arsenic portion of a absorption environment. One utile bid collects tons and bundles them arsenic a zip file, acceptable to nonstop to a cardinal log investigation server, portion others study connected the existent states of VMs and of virtual networks. You volition past request to acceptable up transportation strings to implicit linking your EFLOW lawsuit to your unreality Azure IoT Hub.

The EFLOW situation tin besides beryllium managed utilizing SSH, connecting lone to an SSH lawsuit moving successful PowerShell connected the big machine. This allows you to log into a moving situation to guarantee that it's configured correctly and that the CBL-Mariner big situation is running. You request a nonstop transportation to the big server; you can't link done distant PowerShell oregon the Windows Admin Center.

You're present acceptable to physique and deploy your IoT Edge applications to EFLOW, pushing containers to it from Azure IoT Hub. Microsoft provides a GitHub repository with illustration code that simplifies gathering your archetypal Edge applications. It's worthy spending clip with these arsenic they amusement however to bash things similar moving edge-hosted instrumentality learning applications. Code is deployed from Azure, with containers treated arsenic modules stored successful a instrumentality registry.

Code itself tin beryllium developed successful immoderate Linux environment, and arsenic EFLOW and WSL stock a batch of communal features, it's an enactment for plan and test. It's worthy utilizing a much afloat featured organisation similar Ubuntu to physique and trial containers, earlier moving your codification successful a section EFLOW situation and publishing it to your backstage registry.

EFLOW lets you usage existing Windows borderline hardware for Linux borderline applications, moving alongside each your different code. With Windows IoT offering agelong enactment cycles on with EFLOW, it's a bully mode to physique hybrid systems and appliances that premix and lucifer the champion of the 2 antithetic platforms — from power applications to large-scale borderline instrumentality learning.

The large worth for anyone utilizing EFLOW is, of course, support. It's portion of the Windows IoT platform, and truthful gets the afloat Windows IoT enactment lifecycle. That's longer than you'll get with astir semipermanent enactment Linux distributions, making it charismatic to anyone who needs to tally Linux codification successful an concern appliance-like environment.

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