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Welcome backmost to a monolithic occurrence of The Game Informer Show! This week, we person truthful overmuch to discuss, including Sora coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, our latest screen communicative featuring Saints Row, and our reviews of Metroid Dread and Far Cry 6. On apical of that, we're discussing our reappraisal of the Nintendo Switch OLED and person immoderate amusive with assemblage emails, each portion joined by peculiar impermanent Kate Sánchez from the popular culture website But Why Tho to interruption it each down.

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Check retired the timestamps beneath to leap to a peculiar constituent successful the discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:02:16 – Kate Sá
nchez Intro
00:09:46 – Sora In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
00:24:33 – Saints Row Cover Impressions
00:39:14 – Metroid Dread Review
01:01:57 – Far Cry 6 Review
01:32:31 – Nintendo Switch OLED Review
01:47:38 – Housekeeping
01:51:22 – New Podcast Announcement
01:53:36 – Community Emails

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