Sean Hannity: People Who Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck Just Need to Work Harder

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Things outgo overmuch much these days past they did backmost successful the 1980’s oregon 1990’s. As prices person inflated, though, salaries haven’t. In 2018, the Pew Research Center found that for astir workers, existent wages person been stagnant for decades.

The GOP has played a large relation successful this. Republicans person been warring a minimum wage summation for years. And arsenic a result, galore radical are moving paycheck to paycheck. Sean Hannity gave these radical a solution during his Monday vigor show. According to the Fox host, they conscionable request to enactment harder.

Hannity told listeners, “Nothing is free. What is the mendacious committedness of socialism? That each — that each fearfulness you have, everything successful beingness that’s been — the mean stresses of life, not the — and look, endurance tin beryllium an mundane accent successful life. It tin be, I’ve been determination surviving paycheck to paycheck. It’s not the top feeling, but you tin past it if you’re consenting to enactment hard.”

The Fox big continued, “And past if you — you know, past you got to find ways that you enactment other hard and enactment immoderate wealth away, and past the much wealth you’re capable to accumulate, that becomes state for you, truthful past you tin marque different decisions, and possibly travel different dreams that you person down the enactment successful the pipeline.”

People surviving paycheck to paycheck don’t truly request a lecture from a antheral making $25 cardinal a year. What they request is for wages to increase.

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