Senate Republicans Are Sinking In Mitch McConnell’s Debt Ceiling Quicksand

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Not lone are Senate Republicans struggling to get 60 votes to rise the indebtedness ceiling, but they are trying to debar immoderate work for their debt.

Republicans Can’t Get Out Of Their Own Way On The Debt Ceiling

Burgess Everett of Politico tweeted:

They don’t person motion disconnected connected this from each 50 Republicans. The immense bulk don’t privation a filibuster that would necessitate 10 Rs to beforehand it, but request unanimous consent to acceptable that up

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) October 7, 2021

Possible whipping contented for Senate Republicans. How bash they get to 10 votes to beforehand the indebtedness ceiling increase?
“I bash deliberation you tin get 10. You and I tin to seven, and if we enactment truly hard we tin get to 8,” says Sen. Cramer. He says he’s presently a no

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) October 7, 2021

Senate Republicans Don’t Want To Cause A Default, But They Don’t Want To Take Responsibility For Their Debt

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell created this messiness by reasoning that helium could unit Democrats to rise the indebtedness ceiling unsocial oregon blasted them for a default. McConnell was lone funny successful immoderate worldly for 2022 ads, but aft selling his caucus connected blocking a indebtedness ceiling increase, helium present can’t get them connected committee capable to forestall a default.

Mitch McConnell needlessly created this crisis, and now helium can’t get himself out. Republicans can’t get capable votes to rise the indebtedness ceiling and forestall the system from crashing.

McConnell created this crisis, truthful Democrats should request Republican votes to rise the indebtedness limit, oregon Republicans tin ain tanking the system (again).

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