Sharks reveal real reason Chambers was axed

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Cronulla Sharks interim manager Josh Hannay says the determination to axe seasoned Will Chambers for the club's lucifer with Newcastle this play was made strictly connected signifier and not sledging.

Chambers, during Cronulla's nonaccomplishment to New Zealand past weekend, got into a fig of verbal exchanges with Warriors players, astatine 1 signifier creating a flashpoint with Kane Evans, who fto his emotions get the amended of him by responding with 2 punches.

Since then, the off-contract erstwhile Storm prima has travel nether occurrence for his antics connected the tract and was adjacent investigated by the NRL implicit whether helium crossed the enactment successful presumption of what was said connected the field.

"He (Chambers) was truly respectful of that and the determination not to prime him — and again I was truly wide with Will connected this — had thing to bash with the sledging situation, it was conscionable purely connected form," Hannay told News Corp.

Sharks centre Will Chambers. (Getty)

The 33-year-old's axing couldn't travel astatine a worse clip with his aboriginal successful the NRL presently clouded.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, incoming manager Craig Fitzgibbon is preparing to marque a determination connected whether to bring backmost Chambers, arsenic good arsenic prop Aiden Tolman and guardant Billy Magoulias.

It's understood Fitzgibbon's eventual determination volition beryllium based purely connected form.

Regardless of what determination volition beryllium made, Cronulla does person 2 prefered centres successful Jesse Ramien and Connor Tracey, which would mean Chambers would apt person to instrumentality connected a back-up relation for adjacent season.

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