Sharks star opens up on season-ending injury

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Sharks prima Ronaldo Mulitalo has revealed the afloat grade of his season-ending wounded aft shattering his jaw successful 2 places against Wests Tigers astatine the weekend.

Mulitalo was instrumental successful the 50-20 drubbing, scoring 2 tries and mounting up different arsenic the Sharks firmed up their top-eight hopes up of finals football.

But the winger's afternoon, and season, was chopped abbreviated erstwhile helium broke his jaw successful a thumping tackle.

Fresh retired of country connected Monday, Mulitalo reflected connected the infinitesimal helium knew his 2021 run had travel to a premature end.

"I conscionable knew consecutive distant I broke my jaw," Mulitalo told Nine News' Danny Weidler.

Ronaldo Mulitalo broke his jaw against the Tigers successful circular 23. (Getty)

"I conscionable felt my jaw benignant of swinging, and I conscionable knew from determination it was done.

"I thought I'd effort basal up and spot if I could shingle it disconnected but I tried to determination my caput and it conscionable started giving way. I could consciousness my full rima astatine the bottommost moving.

"A fewer of the boys came moving implicit and said I had a large gash connected my jaw, arsenic well.

"I really cleanable snapped it, there's a fewer pieces missing. And I besides cleanable snapped it connected the different side."

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Despite his gruesome injury, Mulitalo inactive recovered clip to manus his boots to a young Sharks instrumentality successful the assemblage astatine full-time successful an unthinkable motion of kindness.

"If I tin marque someone's time oregon alteration a quality successful someone's life, successful immoderate facet of life, past I'm going to bash that," helium said.

His kindness besides stretched onto the parkland erstwhile helium gave up a accidental to container a hat-trick successful favour of giving his bully person and teammate Luke Metcalf his archetypal effort successful the NRL.

"I consciousness similar that's a monolithic milestone for anyone successful their footy career, is to people their archetypal try," helium said.

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"I wanted to fto him tick that container arsenic soon arsenic helium could. He was adjacent to maine erstwhile it was happening and helium was conscionable calling for it and I looked astatine him. It was a bully happening I saw him.

"Like I said, conscionable trying to look aft teammates."

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