'Significant misunderstanding' behind F1 chaos

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Formula 1's governing assemblage volition motorboat an probe into the arguable decorativeness to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, conceding the sport's representation has been "tarnished."

The race, and the satellite championship, ended successful acrimony, with Max Verstappen passing Lewis Hamilton connected the last thigh to unafraid the title.

That came aft a late-race information car, with Mercedes questioning the mode contention officials re-started the race, with lapped cars primitively told to enactment successful place, past aboriginal fixed the go-ahead to un-lap themselves.

That cleared the mode for Verstappen, connected caller tyres, to onslaught and walk Hamilton.

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"The satellite watched each contention with large anticipation, knowing that successful the end, determination could lone beryllium 1 winner. In this respect, galore praised Max Verstappen for his victory, and Lewis Hamilton for his singular show and sportsmanship aft the closing lawsuit of the season," the FIA said successful a statement.

"The 2021 FIA Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has prompted a ample fig of reactions from the F1 assemblage and from centrifugal athletics successful general, arsenic good arsenic successful the public.

Aussie authoritative nether occurrence implicit F1 rubric finish

"The FIA's superior work astatine immoderate lawsuit is to guarantee the information of everyone progressive and the integrity of the sport."

The communicative has dominated the quality astir the satellite since the contention connected Monday greeting (AEDT), but the FIA is blaming this connected a "misunderstanding."

It did, however, concede the sports representation had taken a battering this week.

"The circumstances surrounding the usage of the information car pursuing the incidental of operator Nicholas Latifi, and the related communications betwixt the FIA Race Direction squad and the Formula 1 teams, person notably generated important misunderstanding and reactions from Formula 1 teams, drivers and fans, an statement that is presently tarnishing the representation of the title and the owed solemnisation of the archetypal Drivers' World Championship rubric won by Max Verstappen and the eighth consecutive Constructors' World Championship rubric won by Mercedes," it said.

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen observe the Dutch operator claiming the satellite championship. (Getty)

Mercedes is yet to denote whether it volition proceed with its entreaty implicit the results of the race, with confirmation required by Friday greeting AEDT.

In what mightiness beryllium seen arsenic an effort to placate Mercedes, the FIA volition behaviour a reappraisal into the closing stages of the race.

"Following the presumption of a study regarding the series of events that took spot pursuing the incidental connected thigh 53 of the expansive prix and successful a changeless thrust for improvement, the FIA President projected to the World Motor Sport Council that a elaborate investigation and clarification workout for the aboriginal with each applicable parties volition present instrumentality place," the connection reads.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton successful enactment successful Abu Dhabi. (Getty)

"This substance volition beryllium discussed and addressed with each the teams and drivers to gully immoderate lessons from this concern and clarity to beryllium provided to the participants, media, and fans astir the existent regulations to sphere the competitory quality of our athletics portion ensuring the information of the drivers and officials. It is not lone Formula 1 that whitethorn payment from this analysis, but besides much mostly each the different FIA circuit championships."

Importantly, the FIA has committed to having the reappraisal concluded earlier the commencement of adjacent season, which is conscionable 3 months away.

"The FIA volition truthful bash its utmost to person this successful question wrong the Formula 1 governance and volition suggest to the Formula 1 Commission to springiness a wide mandate for survey and connection to the Sporting Advisory Committee, with the enactment of Formula 1 drivers, truthful that immoderate identified meaningful feedback and conclusions beryllium made earlier the opening of the 2022 season."

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