Stop the Spread of Misinformation: Sanitize Before You Share

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If we’ve learned thing since the COVID-19 pandemic upended each our lives astir 2 years ago, it’s however to sanitize our hands, homes, workplaces, and conscionable astir thing we brushwood to halt the dispersed of the virus. Turns out, we besides request to support that vigilance erstwhile encountering accusation astir COVID-19 successful our societal media feeds. As the pandemic persisted, unsafe misinformation astir treatments, cures, and the vaccines flourished. This situation has underscored the value of consuming and sharing online contented with care. And that attack applies not lone to a nationalist wellness crisis, but to each accusation we encounter. We request to instrumentality steps to guarantee a post, photo, oregon meme is “sanitized” earlier we spot it, similar it, walk it on, oregon beforehand it successful immoderate way.

The News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan nationalist acquisition nonprofit, has created steps you tin travel to guarantee that you signifier bully accusation hygiene. NLP, a quality literacy acquisition person since 2008, provides programs and resources to assistance you summation the skills, knowledge, and mindset to beryllium astute consumers of quality and different information. If we sanitize the process astir our accusation habits, we tin forestall misleading and mendacious contented -- which tin beryllium hazardous to our wellness and nine -- from being wide shared and perchance doing harm.

You don’t request immoderate peculiar talents oregon exertion to larn however to bash so. NLP provides you with indispensable guidance successful its infographic, “Sanitize earlier you share: 4 speedy steps to halt the dispersed of misinformation.” It tin instrumentality lone 4 steps to support yourself oregon others from becoming a “superspreader” of misinformation. And if you find credible grounds that a societal media station isn’t existent oregon the root is unreliable, pass others successful a reply to the post, and if necessary, study it to level administrators.

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