Stunned Ricciardo's reaction to F1 debacle revealed

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Australia's Daniel Ricciardo had the champion spot successful the location for the arguable last thigh of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and present audio from his squad vigor has revealed what helium thought of it.

Max Verstappen snatched the satellite rubric distant from Lewis Hamilton with a last-lap pass, with Mercedes claiming the restart aft a information car play was botched by officials.

Only immoderate of the lapped cars were allowed to unlap themselves earlier the contention was restarted, a departure from the mean procedure.

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Ricciardo was 1 of the drivers told to clasp station, leaving him 3rd successful the queue, instantly down Hamilton and Verstappen.

Aussie authoritative nether occurrence implicit F1 rubric finish

The Mercedes operator was powerless to forestall Verstappen from passing connected the last lap, fixed the Dutchman had caller tyres.

"I'm gladsome I'm not portion of that, immoderate conscionable happened," Ricciardo said. "Seemed, uh, beauteous f---ed up."

"Thanks guys for the season."

Speaking instantly aft the race, Ricciardo, who finished 12th, conceded the decorativeness was crazy.

"I was confused due to the fact that I got that connection that they won't overtake," Ricciardo said.

"Through my caput I thought, 'that seems OK, similar I guess, fair, due to the fact that Lewis had specified a pb and Max has newer tyres. In this mode helium has to chopped done a fewer cars if they're going to restart the race'.

Daniel Ricciardo said the restart astatine the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix looked "f---ed up". (Getty)

"Then I saw immoderate cars overtake truthful I asked, 'what bash I do? Do I pass?', and past I deliberation (McLaren engineer) Tom (Stallard) said, 'no, you person to enactment here'.

"So I've virtually got front-row seats for the past lap. And I'm besides connected a caller soft, oregon a newer soft, truthful I was like, 'do I walk some of them?'.

"Nah, conscionable kidding. I'm honestly a spot speechless, I don't cognize what to marque of that. I truly don't. I request to spot however it each came about."

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