The First Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Trailer Has Arrived

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Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the archetypal trailer for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and arsenic you mightiness expect, it features plentifulness of scares, R-rated gore, and of course, zombies. 

The trailer hits galore of the beats of the archetypal 2 Resident Evil games, including iconic locales similar the Spencer Mansion, the RCPD, and more. It features plentifulness of Robbie Amell’s Chris Redfield and Kaya Scodelario’s Claire Redfield, protagonists from the archetypal and 2nd crippled respectively.

In the trailer, we spot Claire Redfield digging into Umbrella, the corp we each cognize to beryllium evil, lone to observe that Umbrella is, successful fact, evil. This probe into the zombies Umbrella is creating brings the movie’s 2 protagonists to the infamous locations from the archetypal 2 Resident Evil games. Eventually, they conscionable Avan Jogia’s Leon S. Kennedy and galore of the different characters we cognize from the series. 

Elsewhere successful the trailer, we spot Tom Hopper’s Albert Wesker, Hannah John-Kamen’s Jill Valentine (one of the playable protagonists successful the archetypal Resident Evil), Neal McDonough’s William Birkin, and more. It besides features a glimpse astatine Lisa Trevor, 1 of the archetypal to beryllium experimented connected by Umbrella successful the Resident Evil universe. 

Oh, and there’s zombies, tons of zombies – modular zombies, zombie dogs, lickers, massively overgrown zombies a la zombified William Birkin, and more. 

Sony released a caller poster for the movie alongside the trailer today, too, and tin presumption it below. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City volition deed theaters exclusively connected November 24. 

For much astir the movie, cheque retired this Game Informer interview with the manager astir however the movie was cast, and past cheque retired these official Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City photos.

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[Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment]

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