The most secure browser for transmitting sensitive data is definitely not Chrome

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Jack Wallen addresses the challenging question of which browser is champion to usage for transmitting encrypted data.


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TL:DR: Tor.

Yep, that's the answer. The astir unafraid browser for encrypted information is Tor. But there's a catch... and it's a large one. You mightiness enactment wrong a institution LAN that doesn't let for the Tor browser to function. And unless you tin get your IT section to unfastened up the web to let Tor to function, you're retired of luck.

But for everyone else, Tor is decidedly the browser to bushed erstwhile it comes to encrypted transmitted data.

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Let maine connection up a elemental example.

Once upon a time, I was hired by a caller client. Now, this lawsuit didn't precisely engender overmuch successful the mode of spot successful me, but they were consenting to wage a premium for maine to make contented for them. But lodged successful the backmost of my caput was this consciousness I couldn't spot them 100%. So, what did I do? I created a virtual network, detached from my superior web and past deployed a virtual instrumentality attached to that network. On that virtual instrumentality (running Ubuntu Desktop), I installed the Tor browser. With that setup, I felt perfectly assured thing untoward could happen... unless I was dealing with superior hackers. 

I support the Tor browser installed connected my desktops and laptops connected the disconnected accidental I request to transmit delicate information that goes good beyond the standard. Or, if I'm connected the spell and can't precisely spot the web I'm using, I instantly occurrence up Tor and person astatine my work.

But what bash you bash erstwhile Tor isn't an option? Toss your hands successful the aerial (like you conscionable don't care) arsenic if to say, "Let's conscionable manus implicit each of my delicate information to anyone who wants to presumption it!"? No, you don't person to bash that. 

Now, to beryllium clear, we're not talking astir privacy, arsenic that's different substance altogether. We're talking astir sending encrypted data. For that, wherever bash you turn?

You mightiness deliberation Brave is the answer. After all, Brave is the browser focused chiefly connected privacy. But, again, we're not talking astir privacy. And fixed that Brave includes features centered astir cryptocurrency, and though I wouldn't telephone retired Brave for crypto mining, determination is nary certainty erstwhile it comes to that technology. But the superior crushed I permission Brave retired of this is due to the fact that its superior information functionality is centered connected privacy.

For me, the motion for encrypted information erstwhile Tor isn't an enactment goes to Firefox. Why? Outside of third-party add-ons you tin instal for adjacent much protection, Firefox includes an HTTPS-only mode retired of the box. Although it's not enabled by default, you tin spell to Settings | Privacy & Security and alteration HTTPS-only mode (Figure A), which volition unit an encrypted transportation betwixt your instrumentality and the sites you visit.

Figure A


Enabling HTTPS-only mode successful Firefox.

This mode could interruption immoderate sites you use. Fortunately, the developers made it imaginable for you to adhd exceptions to the rule. But enabling this diagnostic volition ever guarantee your connections are made implicit the much unafraid HTTPS. 

That, of course, isn't the lone crushed Firefox gets the nod. The browser's Enhanced Tracking Protection makes it imaginable for you to wholly artifact each tracking from sites, either globally oregon connected the fly. So erstwhile I'm astir to transmit delicate data, I'll unfastened Firefox, wide my history, acceptable Enhanced Tracking Protection to Strict, and past bash what I request to do. When I'm done, I reset Enhanced Tracking Protection to Standard and proceed with my day. I permission HTTPS-only mode connected astatine each times.

This is each based connected my ain idiosyncratic experience. For me, the browser I ever scope for erstwhile dealing with precise delicate information is Tor. When Tor isn't an option, I spell with Firefox. It truly is that simple.

What astir you? What browser is astatine the apical of your database of must-use for information purposes? 

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